A Dangerous Predator: Understanding the Woman’s Ultimate Weapon

Introduction – Enter the Game
In one of our previous articles published exclusively here on Negromanosphere, we briefly addressed an important notion. Maybe even one of the most crucial and important details that every self-conscious man should fully understand today. It is the understanding of the ultimate weapon that every two-faced, self obsessed woman wields with absolute merciless fury and a selfish disregard for her surroundings and the lives of people she attempts to manipulate. Rest assured, we’re going in depth on this matter, in this fresh new article written mainly to help you. And the number one reason of this article is to act as an eye opener – a helpful tool to prevent you from becoming a manipulated, beta man. So read on, as together we attempt to dissect an important part of the feminine psyche, and put to eternal rest the false importance and power given to the modern, 21st century woman.

We All Have Our Weapons
For every man who wants to enter “the game”, a self-made or a learning man, some important truths need to be presented. One of these is the hard, universal truth that every player in this game of man & woman, that game filled with underlying motives and hidden agendas, needs to have a powerful weapon of their own. We already went over some of the principles and outlooks that are important for men and can be an effective weapon to help you come out on top. But what of the woman? What could be her ultimate and most precious weapon? Duplicity? Self-centeredness? Manipulation? Nope. It is her attractiveness. A truly sexy, sensual and beautiful woman is one hell-of-a dangerous, lurking predator. Her beauty is enough to stop the brain of any weak man dead in its tracks, and she damn well knows it. And behind this weapon that is her appearance are hidden all of those ugly human traits that we mentioned, like a worm eaten and rotten core of a pretty, red apple. It is her beauty which is the mirror that reflects her endless ego and self-worship, her selfish view of the world in which she is the only one that matters, a game of chess in which she is the queen and you are the pawn.
Well, not any more. A new player has entered the game, and this one is looking right through her and into that empty rotten core hiding behind the tight body and a sensual face. And my friend, that player is you!

Dethrone Her
With all that being said, you need to stop putting the woman on the pedestal and instead become the sort of man who will instead be worshiped by her. This includes a healthy dose of self control, which will be your best shield against her weapon. Yes, yes, she is sexy af. Yes, she is beautiful. That’s absolutely no reason to turn into a beta dweeb orbiter who will fall into her frame and worship her in (futile) hopes to take her to bed. That is simply how you lose the game.
The guy who will take her to the bed, to heaven and back, is the man who doesn’t give a flying f**k about her. He has his life sorted out, filled with important and fulfilling things, and he simply is not affected by her guiles, charms and manipulative attempts. He games her, puts her to the test while passing every one she throws at him, unphased. In simple words – don’t be a desperate, needy guy who will slobber at the first sight of an attractive woman, going above and beyond to show her attention. She has an endless line and supply of such beta “orbiters” waiting for a chance to fill her ego up with useless commentary. What she craves though…is the entirely opposite!

Digging Deeper
Instead, one of the things a self-respecting and smarter man could and should seek out behind this outward appearance is something deeper, something more important and perhaps even altogether nonexistent – a character. A personality and a personal, inner charisma. For in the end, the thing a fulfilled and self made man will ultimately desire at the end of the day, is a missing piece of the puzzle, a likeminded partner that will click and merge with the refined mindset he has developed through hard work. It is then that he realizes how fleeting and unimportant is a woman’s beauty, if behind it hides nothing but an endless, black emptiness.

Conclusion – A Breath of Fresh Air
It’s our honest hope that this article will reach out to all the players that are thinking of themselves and all the ways to benefit their life, instead of throwing it into the gutter. Once fully accepting the fleeting aspects that every woman prides herself on, you will feel a new sense of freedom, a new breath of fresh air. The key step in this path is the ability to understand the hidden truths, the two-way, secret goal that lurks behind every word and every action. Sometimes these goals are simple, primitive shortcuts to get you to bed, to pay the bill, or simply put submit and serve. And sometimes they are complex, evil by nature and manipulative to the core, with an intricate and often crippling goal in mind.
In the end, looking through these hidden aspects is a handy trait that takes a lot of practice, and a lot of self-improvement. So wait no longer – get your act together and enter the game!

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