A Few Reasons Why Black American Men Are Running From Black Single Mothers

African American Women have taken to any major media outlet to reveal their side of the story as to why African American Men refuse to marry them. Their story, albeit convoluted with half-truths, speak to a narrative of the inability of African American Male Negro to “settle down” while simultaneously lacking the drive to become  an Alpha Provider Male. Some Black women have created the “Swirling” message  to entice Black Women to attempt  the opportunity to “solely” seek long term relationships with non black men (most notably White Men). While Black Women bring up some good points discussing some negative behaviors of Black Men , they forget to point out their own. This sort of one sided criticism behavior of Black Women is all too familiar to us Brothers right? Doesn’t that remind you of your crack head uncle hitting the pipe telling you:


“HEY NIGGA…DON’T YOU EVER DO DRUGS…DO AS I SAY..BUT DON’T DO AS I DO.” To hypocritical individuals like Crack head Uncle Leroy I say:


Do Black Men Have Their Fucking Problems Oshay?

Yes we do. Some of you niggas are really fucked up…including me. In fact, anybody who reads any of the articles I write are as fucked up (if not more) than the one who is writing this literary masterpiece.



Ok nigga…lets get back to serious business. Yes…we have issues. We as Black Men have many things that we need to be working on to better improve ourselves and those around us. However, our situation will be greatly improved if we start with one segment of our own inner circle:


Black men have began understanding that many of our problems can be solved by simply avoiding the wrong type of women. In my opinion, no situation is more dangerous to African American Men than dating OR mating with single mothers. Women with kids not only bring more of a financial burden to a man, but possibly  more psychological trauma to him as well.

Here are a few positions as to why Black American Men are running from Single Mothers in America:


The Ease Of Getting Pussy From Other Races Of Women Greatly Increases The Chances That Black Men Will Not Deal With Black Single Mothers

The price of pussy worldwide is decreasing dramatically as sexuality among women becomes more liberal. As the price ceiling of vagina lowers, the race mixing agenda favors Black men to chose more mates than just African American Women. As Black American Men gain more income and job skill, we are finding out that more brothers are traveling albeit gradually. With all of these factors coming into to play, the options in front of Black American Men are plentiful. No longer are we bound to the Black Community to seek long term or casual mates from. The internet has also opened up a new plethora of dating options for Black men to benefit from. All of these variables point to decrease with respect to Black Men marrying or catering to Black American Single Mothers.



Many Black Men Do Not Have Kids Of Their Own…And Therefore Don’t Want To Be Stuck Taking Care Of Other Niggas Kids


The good ole days of being the Step Daddy Simp Are OVER. No longer are African American Men so willing to accept a woman with another man’s kids to raise as their own. While it may occur from time to time, the likelihood of this happening decreases as time goes on. The popular website Black Demographics Dot com shows that Black American Men are the least likely to marry in the United States as it is.

Black Male Statistics

Just 100 years ago, we were the most married cohort in the United States. The question is: Why did we go from the most married group of men to the least married group of men?




Many Black Women try to “VET” a  brother “BEFORE” meeting their kids as IF this is some sort of fucking Honor.  They will say things such as “I can’t just have anybody around my kids so you have to earn that right.” So wait a minute: I got to earn the right to be around some children that don’t even belong to me that will most likely be rude as fuck?





The “My Kids Comes First” Statement Turns Many Middle Class and Upwardly Mobile Black Men Off

The entitlement of American Black Women can be fucking amazing can’t it brothers? The nerve of Black Women to even conjure up such a phrase to the Black American Man!



How many times has the African American Black Man heard this fucking statement? Some Men are so stupid, they actually find this to be honorable and go into a relationship with some woman KNOWING that you will be 2nd or 3rd fiddle to some kids that “AIN’T YOURS.” Many African American men come from less than stellar environments. Building yourself up from the lower class to the middle class is HARD WORK for Black Men. Many of us are in tough trades that are physically exerting on the body. The last thing a successful Black Man wants to hear is that somebody else is coming first BEFORE HIM! It is much easier for a Black Man to  date interracially with a woman with no children in comparison to dealing with a woman who has one or more.  Why don’t you go back to your Baby Daddy and let his kids come first?

Some  African American Women Have Bad Ass Fucking Kids That Are Disrespectful To Black Men

I cannot say all Black American Children coming from Single Mothers are bad asses. I am pretty sure some kids are really great.


I have encountered some semi satanic creatures who terrorize anything they can especially when they are dealing with their mother’s “NEW BOYFRIEND” OR “HUSBAND.” There are two issues here that most Black Men have to deal with.

  • No matter what you do for these little mothafuckas, they will never be happy

  •  You can’t discipline them because they will be quick to tell you that: “YOU AIN’T MY DADDY”


Let us examine the first issue here under the microscope of niggatry (Shout out to Mack City Limits for the term). Black Men are tired of busting their asses for unappreciative step children. Giving these kids money, providing food, shelter, and rides WITHOUT COMPENSATION does nothing to help Black American Men move forward. Our contributions solely help Black American Women who need the help of a man to improve the lifestyle of their offspring. No matter what you do for the majority of Black Single Mothers OR their children, they are not appreciative. Why?


Point Number Two: How many times have African American Men heard the term “You Ain’t My Daddy!” However, that same child was calling you daddy when you bought him those new Air Jordans huh? You was Daddy when you paid for that Cheerleading Outfit for her huh? However, when it is time to discipline the child when they have fucked up, they quickly remind you that their “REAL DADDY” will “FUCK YOU UP” if you talk to them in a bad way OR touch them. This will  segway to our next point.


Black Men Are Tired of Dealing With These Crazy Ass Baby Daddies Of These Kids on A DAILY or WEEKLY BASIS


One of the things that pisses Black Men off is dealing with his wife’s OR girlfriend’s Baby Daddy. Usually, there is some sexual pinned up frustration built up between the two of them from years past. There are 5 different types of baby daddies that a man dating a single mother can run into.

  • 1) He is a upstanding dude who doesn’t give a fuck about her at all. All he cares about is having the relationship with his child. He will only react hostile towards a man if he finds out that his child has been abused.
  • 2) He is a bum ass nigga who wants to get back with the mother. He has no real interest in doing anything productive for the child. However, he is threatened that another man “IS” out performing him with respects to providing and leadership in the household.
  • 3) He is a bum ass nigga who wants to get back with the mother. He has interest in being productive for the child ONLY if he is with the mother of the child. He is also threatened that another man “IS” out performing him with respects to providing leadership in the household.
  • 4) He is a guy who knows that he is a father but wants nothing to do with the child at all due to the fact he has another family OR doesn’t want to be committed to the woman. She was nothing more than just a fuck and that was it.
  • 5) He is a guy who doesn’t want to be in a relationship with the woman. From time to time, he will have sex with her as the baby momma is now his official side chick. However, he doesn’t want another man FUCKING his baby momma OR being in a relationship with his baby momma. He feels that since he had a baby with her, she will always be his. He will also react violently or aggressively at every opportunity towards a new boyfriend or husband of the child’s mother.


Numbers 2,3, and 5 create the most issues for Black Men in these relationships with single mothers. The stress that it brings to the new boyfriend or husband of the child’s mother too intense.

There are many other positions that I could defend in this article, but I am already growing tired writing to you niggas. I hope you enjoyed this article. Alan Roger Currie will be back in town next Monday writing his regular columns. This writing shit is actually much harder than making Youtube videos.


And as you know…….


The Buffoonery Remains…At an All Time HIGH!

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