A Man With Values – Tradition Revived

Times change. And with each new day, men can see that it’s not a good change. These men are the ones who think and observe, read through the lines of the lies they’re being served. All the way from globalism, brainwashing mass media, feminism, capitalism and gender-lunacy, men and their values are cornered, and all that is traditional, all that is normal and un-perverted is being buried like an old memory or an ugly secret. These are the same values on which nations were established, the values that advanced humanity with each new decade. And now, in these strange times, they are quickly fading. We want to get you closer to the truth. The truth which declares that all the normal, tried and tested, honest values and beliefs are the only ladder that leads to the light outside of this dark abyss in which we’re already trapped. If you are one of those who see the common sense, rational thinking and the pure beliefs being demonized and destroyed, and you want to speak the truth without fear – then read on, you’re not the only one who thinks so.

In With the Old, Out With the New
Without set beliefs and virtues, without values and purity – we are nothing. We become faceless; a chaotic disfigurement that resembles nothing and quickly crumbles on top of itself. Don’t be the man to fall into this mess. The main faults of these changing times lie in the rapid glorification of completely irrational and false things, some of which are obesity, war, gender destruction, and disproportionate feminism. All of these are centered on the burying of masculine values.
What you need to do instead is start looking back. The good old times were not so bad, now that we see how things really are. Back then, even as close as 20, 30 years ago, we had simpler, normal views – two genders, functioning families, healthy men and emphasis on sports, established beliefs and routines to follow. It was cleaner, purer, and less evil. Men had a backbone, and it needs to come back. You too, need to stand up for something. No more giving power into the woman’s hands, no more putting her on the pedestal. No more obesity and laziness. Time to get to work.

A Light in the Dark
A family, a good wife (good luck finding one), your own home and a steady income. A Christmas with the loved ones, or thanksgiving dinner at your parents where they get to meet your girl. All these images are going under. Why not keep them afloat?
A Man with values – is a man that stands out. He has his path, he follows it, and he doesn’t give a f**k. This alone, makes him a desired catch. He doesn’t submit to the rules the global, mass media tells him to follow, and he does his own thing. And it’s a good feeling to walk outside of the herd. To say that you don’t think like a hundred thousand of other people. It makes you – as long as your views are honest and normal – a light in the dark. A beacon to be followed.

Finding like-minded persons, and women in general, might be hard, as the majority of people tend to go along with the flow, with the mass. But it isn’t impossible. There’s a law of attraction present – do something with enough dedication and follow your trail, and quickly you will attract the attention of people. Women too.  And most importantly, following the established values will undoubtedly lead you to success, and plenty of it.

All good things in life are never easy. Earning them, fighting for them, we create a better image, a finer version of ourselves. But the rewards are always worth the effort and the struggle. Same goes with tradition, with clear and long ago established values. Their rewards are immense – they bring peace, clarity, sense. Some haters will appear though, but it’s all just a part of the game that we all play.
We hope to bring clarity on some points through this text, and other similar articles here on Negromanosphere, and to bring an insight and an awareness to the dangers present today. The dangers of losing ourselves, who we always were, and merging in with the faceless, lifeless chaos that steadily emerges with each new day in this 21st century charade.


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