A Passport Can Save Black Men Living In The Hood

Stuck With No Way Out

When you think of someone living in the hood what image comes to mind? Usually images of poverty, violence, drugs, and other behaviors that most modern and civilized people would classify as less than desirable. However, when I think about the hood I see the picture slightly differently. As someone who was raised in Baltimore City I’ve seen it all. From shootouts to drug sales to dirty cops and more. To those on the outside it seems pretty chaotic and many  may ask themselves how can people live in such conditions? But to those who are on the inside it’s just a way of life. The more you experience something over and over again the more numb that you become to it. The first time you hear a gunshot you might flinch and look around in suspense wondering what’s going on, but after the 10th time you hear gunshots it becomes normal. You think to yourself, I wonder how long this will last. However, this is not normal, but our environment has made us believe that it is normal. Cultures all over the world have traditions and customs that many of us would find off putting, but street violence is not a custom and it’s not a normal behavior. It’s not normal to have bullets coming through your window while you are eating or sleeping. It’s not normal to live in a neighborhood where a certain color tee-shirt can get you killed. It’s not normal to attend the funerals of classmates over and over again. Yet to those in that environment it’s just the way things are. People used to always say that it would get better, but in actuality it’s only gotten worse. More homes are vacant, more people are homeless, and the violence is only increasing. For someone living in that environment it might seem like there is no way out. They might be led to believe that there is no hope, but that is not true. With the new age of technology there are many opportunities for those who desire to leave.

How A Passport Can Change Your Environment

You don’t have to live in the hood, you can get a passport and live anywhere in the world. A passport can save the life of someone living in an environment with death lurking around every corner. Imagine being in a place where you don’t have to constantly look over your shoulder going to the grocery store. Imagine a place where you can wear the clothes and colors that you want. Imagine a place where you don’t have to worry about eating your dinner shots ringing out in front of your residence. There is a better life for those who desire to live differently than what they are used to. I often think of the many people I went to school with who are now dead due to street violence. I tell myself that if they were in a different place away from the environment in which they were raised they would still be alive. It’s one thing to get away from your neighborhood and move to a different part of the city, or state, however, bad things still have a way of finding you if you are close. Even if you go to another state your life may improve, however, you will still have the same issues as black men who live in the Matrix. Whether it be dealing with trigger happy police officers, getting racially discriminated against at your place of employment, or the many other societal consequences that accompany black men for simply being black. A passport allows you to get out of your own culture and immerse yourself in a new environment.

New Cultures And Environments Await You

Depending on where you go you’ll be around people who don’t know you and haven’t seen many people like you. You’ll be around people who speak a different language, eat different food, and even have different beliefs. They won’t see you as a violent member of society simply because of the way you look or speak, they will see you as a normal person. This and more is what can happen when you get a passport and exercise your right to use it. When I left the United States and moved to Mexico I didn’t know what to expect, but I had an open mind. I did a lot of research on the city I desired to move to, but even still it was a new experience. However, when I got off the plane and took the bus to the city I was staying I was blown away. I was amazed at how different people were than the people I was used to seeing. The language was different and so were the clothes. Yet somehow I felt a sense of calming and peace. The more I immersed myself into the culture and learned the language the more comfortable I became. The more people I met the more I adapted. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to walk outside at night without worry of being robbed. To be able to go to a restaurant and know that you won’t be sat in the back of the restaurant because of how you look was a shock. To be treated with dignity and respect as black male was an amazing feeling. I’m not sure where this place is for you. There are over 190 countries and 7 continents. What I can tell you is that time waits for no one, so it’s best to start now. If you don’t have a passport you can apply for around $140 USD at your local post office and they last for 10 years. You can begin looking for online work. You don’t need to make much. $1500 – $2000 per month is 3-4 times what most people make in many countries around the world. All you need to have is willingness to change your environment and know that your new normal is waiting you.

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