A Trick Culture

Growing up I developed a very simple understanding of the game from participation, observation, and listening to older men and women.   The game in a nutshell is simple.   A man has game if he can get sex from a woman without opening his wallet.   A woman has game if she can get money without having to do anything sexual with a man.   Using that simple yet very deep criteria I can say that most men don’t have game.  Indeed most men are tricks.

In general a “trick” is thought of as the man who pays a woman directly for sex.  Indeed many men who know they are tricks will simply say, “It’s not tricking if you got it.”   Naw dawg you still a trick.   Men who pay directly for sex are not the only tricks though.   They are just the most prominent.

Many men who go on regular dates are tricking if they pay for the date.   Now it’s tricky here, excuse the pun.    If a man has already had sex with the woman, or is in a relationship with a woman, and she has shown her loyalty and her oral skills then it isn’t tricking.   That’s just showing appreciation.   It’s tricking if a man takes a woman he hasn’t had sex with out to an expensive restaurant in order to impress her.   He knows he’s not taking her because he really enjoys her company.  Most men don’t enjoy watching a woman eat.   The man is hoping that by taking her out she will reciprocate with sex.

Some men take a woman out multiple times.  I’ve known several men who have spent literally hundreds on women just for sex.   Though they are not giving the women money directly they are still tricking.   By buying women a dinner they are giving her something that she would have had to spend her own money to get.  Indeed many women purposely use men for free dinners.   They are called dinner whores.   These women have game because they are getting a man’s resources without having to give sex.

Now I know some people will believe that these women will eventually have sex with the men.   Not at all.   Often these women will find a reason to get rid of these men if they feel the pressure for sex.   Another factor is that some men are such big tricks that they will spend money on women for years in hopes of getting sex.  I knew a woman who did that.  This man literally supported this woman with money but she refused to sleep with him.   Knowing the situation I told her that she should sleep with him at least once.   She look at me and said, “If I sleep with him he won’t give me money anymore.”   Couldn’t hate on her though because she made sure my pockets stayed full.

According to Pimps the biggest tricks are men who marry a woman exchanging their resources for sexual access to a woman.  Pimps call it a “trick marriage.”   Pimps apply this term to all square marriages.   The reality is that a significant portion of the male population marries not for love but for steady sex.  Many women marry not for love but for financial security.   One thing that is happening in western society now is that women are getting to the point that they don’t need a man for financial security.    Some men won’t be able to trick their way into a marriage.

We have too much tricking going on out here.   Men are going to have to develop to where the ability to get women doesn’t depend on their resources but on the strength of who they are as men.


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