For years, the opinions and successes of black men have been silenced and ignored. However, the voice of the black male will finally be heard. At the Negromanosphere we create and show the world that we have the right to express ourselves based on our own experiences and achievements. We have been made to look naive in various forms in countless epithets and imagery. However at the Negromanosphere we aim to show that the Negro has the ability to be articulate as any other ethnicity of man.

We denounce the ideology that we are lazy. We denounce the ideology that we are stupid. We denounce the ideology that we are corrupt. We are plumbers, Police officers, Pastors, Lawyers, Doctors, Coaches, Scientists, Business Owners, and have many other skills. Most of all, we are GREAT FATHERS. It is time for Black Men across the Globe to share our experiences so as to further unites us. We have different ideologies, religious beliefs, and participate in different political systems but one thing unites us all: the fact that we are Black Men and as the aboriginal men on this planet, we intend to be heard.