Adidas jumps over the Jumpan

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Adidas jumped at number two in sneaker selling.

Not so great news for Jordan Brand fans. It seems like the price increase combined with numerous revamped releases took the Jumpman brand at number three in best selling sneaker brands in United States while Adidas jumped at number two.

That’s right, the European sportswear manufacturer is now officially chasing Nike to become the best sneaker-selling brand in the world.

Kanye called it and now it’s real. In 2012, ‘Ye rapped “Yeezys jumped over the Jumpman,” while making a reference to his Nike Air Yeezy sneakers. Now the rapper has joined Adidas while helping the brand surpass the Jumpman itself. According to NPD Group, Adidas now owns 13% of the sneaker market in the United States, coming second after Nike that owns 44% of the market share. The news might not be surprising to you but the Swoosh brand actually went down from a 60% market-hold in 2014.

Most sneaker fans will agree that Nike lacks excitement in their basketball and running departments while Jordan Brand has flooded the market in the past several years with retro Air Jordan releases. Inside sources claim the same with Market Watch reporting the following for the month of August 2017:

“Adidas basketball grew more than 40%, while Nike declined in the mid-singles and Brand Jordan lost about a third of its sales. Under Armour basketball was down about half.”

Matt Powell, one of the biggest Yeezy skeptics who spends his time watching sneaker brands, mentioned the following on Twitter:

Later on Powell also added for Market Watch:

“This is an achievement I never thought I would see in my lifetime. Adidas sport footwear sales grew more than half for the month and share grew by nearly half, to 13%.”

The United States athletic footwear sales are now $1.86 billion, up from $1.85 billion last year. Nike shares are up 5.3% for the year and Adidas shares are up 31.1% with the Three Stripes brand chasing Nike to become the world’s number one sneaker seller. Do you think this will become reality anytime soon? Also, what will happen to Jordan Brand? Head on to the comment section to share your thoughts on the topic.

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