Adjusting Your Game

To really master the difficult aspects of dating and the “game”,  you always need to be flexible and on your toes. You need to be adaptable, ready to develop your approach as the needs dictate, because not every person you mett will be the same. And where some tricks of the trade work flawlessly, elsewhere they might have no use.
That’s why, today, we’re discussing how to adapt and adjust your game when dealing with all the different kinds of thots that are on the roam today.
True, the rules of the game are almost always the same, but sometimes, certain approaches can make or break your chances. Knowing WHAT to say and WHEN, is certainly a nifty aspect to master, and having and advanced and adaptable approach is certainly more handy than an automatic, “by the book” approach.
Read on as we discuss this in detail!

Jack of all Trades
Knowing people can be hard, the hardest thing of all. It’s true that we all, men and women alike, run along the same, pre established “guide rails” that are determined simply by our biology. But it can’t all be that straightforward. Personalities differ, viewpoints and social statuses. Political belief, religion, memories, ethnicity, and many more things, they can all influence, and either make easier, or more difficult, your approach and game.
That’s why we emphasize that you need to be a player in the real sense of the word. You need to be a “Jack of All Trades”. Following the rules of one manosphere can sometimes be a bit close minded, and results can sometimes be surprisingly negative. And what’s the best way to perfect your Jack of all trades style? Well, to go out there and approach.

Same, yet Different
We said it before, and we’ll say it again, that yes, female behavior is largely the same, no matter where you are. It’s a (often predictable) set of behavioral traits, and that’s the basis of the game. You can easily adapt yourself to intercept these traits, and play your cards right. That’s what manospheres are, in general, about. But we say that while, yes, they are the same, they are still different. Certain society related aspects can require your game to be different, more fluid and perhaps even, a mask. Because, let’s face it, in every game there’s a bit of acting.
What we’re trying to say is, that while a nerdy, book-worm HB, and a “free spirited”, scantily clad thot HB, will both give you the same shit tests and same LMR’s, they can react differently to either your pick up lines, approach style, flirt, etc. Some may react differently to establishing kino early on, or might give a hell of a LMR when you go in for the kill. That’s when your adaptable approach comes into play.
Usually, you can see who you’re dealing with, right of the bat. Hair color, clothing style, conversational skills, level of shit testing, looks, etc, they can all tell you which approach to take. Sometimes you need to take things a dash bit slower, while sometimes the road is clear and unobstructed.
Perhaps it can be said that gaming some “low lvl”, out of the book thot and a classy, smart “high lvl” escort requires two completely different approaches. And you can guess which one is harder. That’s why it helps to be adaptable, taking your Jack of all Trades skill to further refine your game, and broaden your horizons to a different style of woman.

All in all, having a few additional tricks up your sleeve can never do harm. In fact, you never know when you will bump into some self proclaimed “unicorn” thot that will go berserk at every advance you make, or when you will meet some high end, silver tongued model tier HB that will put your skills to the test. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared and have the ability to quickly shift the winds into your favor. Sometimes, the game can be a shifting ground, and one wrong step forward can cause ten steps backward. So it is always good to be able to see a bit ahead.
Do you have any advices for the other readers? When did you need to adapt your game in the past? Let us know in the comments below. We’d like to read your experience. Until the next time, keep conquering!

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