The Advantages Of “Talkin’ Like A White Boy”

Anyone who listens to my podcast or has dropped in on my appearances with Oshay Duke Jackson knows 2 things: 1) I’m opinionated to the point of condescension and 2) I sound like a white guy. And I’m not talking about sounding like a well-spoken black man. I’m talking people who are genuinely shocked when they find out I’m African-American.

This is nothing new to me. I’ve dealt with this most of my life. Black men who identify with this know about the weird looks we get from our own people as well as white people as well as all other races who seem to see us as the stereotypes that portray us in mainstream media. Unfortunately the majority of the hate we get for the way we sound is other black people.

As a kid who grew up on military bases all of my friends sounded like me. Black kids, White kids, Hispanic kids, Oriental kids, we all sounded exactly alike. It wasn’t until I became a civilian when we moved to North Carolina when I was 16 years old did it actually dawn on me that I didn’t sound like other black kids around me.

I was a military brat

I got made fun of, mocked, called all kinds of names and for a while it bugged the shit out of me. I’m hot headed by nature so as you can imagine I got in a lot of fights over this particular issue. But the jokes ceased when I got to the melting pot that is a college campus so I thought “Finally…..this shit is over!”

I was dead wrong, of course, because the minute I left college and got back into the real world it became evident to me that people looking at me sideways when they hear me talk for the first time wasn’t something that was going away any time soon…if ever.

Interestingly enough, however, this perceived “flaw” of mine has served me very well in two very important ways and has elevated my life in many more ways than one. The truth is, my voice started opening doors for me that would have otherwise been closed and black men like myself can certainly attest to these things through their personal experiences.

The job market

Let’s keep it real here fellas…when you send your resume to a company and the hiring manager reads the name “Ja’Quan Devine Harris” he is more than likely to dismiss you as a potential candidate. There’s nothing wrong with that name but the fact of the matter is that when companies see names like this, they prejudge then subsequently dismiss you.

If the manager doesn’t dismiss you based on your name (which is rare in and of itself) and decides to give you a call, and you sound like a hood nigga, your application is all but forgotten from that point forward and your resume you spent a little extra to put on good quality paper ends up in the trash can. That’s not right, but it happens and we all know it.

The unfortunate reality for black applicants

Luckily for me and other men like me, our voices have gotten us a shit load of opportunities in the work place and that continues to this day. My name isn’t off putting (for the record if I did have the name above I’d simply change it to “J.D. Harris” on my resume) so that gets our foot in the door for our golden pipes to take over and pave the way to a new job or career.

So when our own people attempt to clown us about not sounding ghetto or hood, we laugh on the inside (and the outside) and take solace in the fact that our “sellout voices” affords us many more job opportunities  than these idiots who shame us which, in turn, leads to more money and a better life.


Girls and game

Back in my teens and early 20s I wasn’t taken seriously by black females because of the way I talked. Sure, I’m a good looking guy and in great shape but because I sound like a white guy I was consistently passed over for dudes who sounded more like what they considered to be the norm.

However a funny thing happened when I moved to Atlanta in my early 30s which is known as the “Black mecca” of the South. All of a sudden, black women started paying more attention to me and actually gave me the time of day.

I had my pick of the litter out there and was smashin’ every black girl under the sun and it was great. But after a few months I started realizing that these were the same kind of women that rejected me in my teens and 20s. The reason? They were now looking for a provider for the 4 kids by 3 different men they had.

This phenomenon is what we refer to in the manosphere as Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks. That is, females spend their prime fertile years getting fucked by bad boy after bad boy, and shitting out a few of their kids. Then when they hit The Wall in their late 20s early 30s, they look for a man to take care of them and their kids because the dudes who put babies in them were long gone and didn’t find them attractive anymore. Thankfully for me I figured this out rather quickly and would bounce like a bad check when they made a play to get exclusive.

When I found the red pill shortly after moving west from Atlanta, I slowly but surely tarted weening off of black women as a source of easy pussy. It wasn’t something I did consciously, it was just a natural progression in my overall game. The better I got at sleeping with beautiful women, the less attractive black women became and as a result I stopped hollering at them altogether.

As a good looking black male who stands at 6’1, weights 225 lbs, is in great shape with tattoos, I have the look of a “bad boy” which gets me a lot of attention from females of all races. Then they hear me talk and at that point gettin’ the booty is all but assured.

Remember that alpha fucks beta bucks thing? When women hear me, they foolishly think I embody both sides of the feminine imperative. I’ve done a couple of podcasts with Alan Roger Currie and we discussed on more than one occasion that the men women want (alpha fucks) and the men women need (beta bucks) are two different men. Few men, if any, embody the “bad boy provider” that women the world over are desperately seeking and my voice gives women the impression that I am that man.

Of course I don’t have any intention of being any woman’s beta bucks but they don’t know that so sleeping with them is as easy as taking candy from a baby. Black men who “talk like white boys” likely have the same advantage over most men in the dating market.



At the end of the day, man for man, most black men have more game than any race of male in the West regardless of the way we talk. But for those of us who don’t sound like the stereotypical black men as we’re portrayed in the media, we have an even greater advantage in the workplace and with women.

So the next time you get shamed, made fun of, or worse asked “Why you talk like a white boy?!” just shake your head with a smirk and don’t give that bullshit inquiry the time of day. Simply continue kicking life’s ass like you have your entire life.

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