Nigerian Women Should Be Grateful To Prostitutes

We have been having many cases of rape these days. I don’t know why. The rate of rape is becoming alarming. We see it on TVs. We hear it on radio. We read about it on blogs, magazines and newspapers. And most of the rape are being perpetrated by married men. You hear of a married 45 year old man raping a 13 year old girl. You will read in newspapers of a 50 year old man raping a 15 year old girl. And you will wonder what is happening.


Perhaps most of these married rapists are being starved of sex by their wives. You see, sex is very important in the lives of men. People should have enough sex. The ones who don’t have enough sex are the ones who end up raping underage girls and innocent women. Men have to worship. We have to worship between the thighs of a woman. Yes. It is in our nature. It is not our fault. That is how we were wired and created by God. We can’t cheat nature. There is nothing we can do about it.


We have to bow down and worship the pussy, this glorified hole that God has put between the thighs of a woman. It is our temple. It is our shrine. We have to go with sacrifices and worship in this holy temple, this holy shrine. It is needed for our sanity. And that is why men try to visit this temple by all means. The ones who can’t seem to find an available temple to worship in are the ones who consider rape. They are the ones who will grab a female and shag them by force.


We thank God for the life of prostitutes. They are very essential in our society. They are playing a vital role and they deserve to be recognized the way we recognize people of other professions. It is because of them that many women are still safe to walk on the streets without fear of being raped. I don’t support rape in any way. If you know you are horny as a man, go and work and hire someone to fuck. If you know you can’t control your dick, go to a brothel and have sex with prostitutes instead of unleashing the anger of your dick on innocent women and girls who don’t want it.


No matter how we look at it, prostitutes are important in our society because men must get horny and fuck. They must find a hole to dig. Some men can’t walk up to a woman to propose love. There are many men who don’t even have girlfriends to shag. And, for the men who are married, there are times they will get horny and their wives won’t comply. What will they do? They have to find an alternative because their dicks won’t let them rest. And the alternative is to pay prostitutes to get laid.


Almost everyday, we hear and read about rape stories. We hear of how grown up men rape little female children. Most of these men do it to satisfy their sexual urges, although there are others who do it for other reasons.  It is very easy for women in the society to ridicule and look down on prostitutes but these prostitutes are the reason some women still retain their dignity. They are the reason some women still retain their virginity. What do you think will happen in our society if there were no prostitutes?


The men who visit brothels to satisfy their sexual desires will have no choice than to find someone to rape on the street if there were no prostitutes in our society. Those women who boast of their virginity will probably have nothing to boast of by now. So, as a woman, you should be grateful to prostitutes because they are the ones saving your ass from being wired. Before you open your mouth to insult prostitutes, know that if they do not exist, you would probably have been raped by a man who was so hungry for a vagina. You will also have realized that your female relatives are not safe, too.

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