Africans And Time Management

manager with feet on desk at noon

Someone once told me that Africans should not be trusted when it comes to time management.
This perception of Africans being criminals of time is a controversial issue in our contemporary
continent. Are you also a criminal of time? Are you always true to the time or always behind the
time? How well do you maximize the priceless gift of time that has been allotted to you? If you
are one of those who have been abusing time, this write-up is for you.
Do you know that your time is your life? Do you know that how you spend your time is how you
spend your life? The importance of time management cannot be overemphasized, as time,
maximized or abused, has the power to determine the destiny of a man. Nothing in life is as
precious as time. You can waste your money. There is a chance you will get it back. You can waste
food or drinks. You’ll get them back, probably. But if you waste time, you will never get it back.
Time is everything. Time is money. Time is life.

A single minute wasted can never be regained!


Once it is gone, it is gone forever!




The great philosopher, King Solomon, the son of David, who once ruled Jerusalem, said: “To
everything, there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven. How have you been
exploring the great opportunity of time granted to you? Don’t forget that those who waste time
waste life. It is necessary to make the most of your time so that you can achieve the best in life.
Time management is of paramount magnitude. You must value your time as much as you value
your life.




You must strive to be time-conscious in everything, otherwise, time becomes your enemy, and
could stand against you on your way to success. I will liken time to a visitor. If you treat him well,
he will do you good. It will come back. On the other hand, if you despise him, he will find
occasion against you. And you will be negatively rewarded. Time can be your friend and it can
also be your enemy. Your relationship with him determines his relationship with you.
Time is a gun: you can use it to protect yourself and you can also use it to harm yourself. Time
could also be likened to a sword owned by a warlord. A warlord can use his sword to protect
himself and gain advantage over his enemies. On the flip side, the sword can become a danger and
an instrument of self-destruction to him if it is carelessly handled. The same thing applies to you
and your time. Your time is your sword.

If well utilized, it becomes your best friend. But if misused, it becomes your worst enemy.


Your time is as valuable as yourself. Make proper use of it. Don’t squander it. If you squander
time, time will squander you. You must learn to do the right things at the right time. Never
postpone until tomorrow what you should do today. It is an offence. And it is punishable in the
court of time. How can you maximize your time?


These few simple tips below will probably help  you to get the most out of your time:
Never play when you are supposed to work. Never be idle when you are supposed to plan. Don’t
sleep when you should be working. Don’t work when you should relax or sleep. Never try to enjoy
when you should endure. Let each second of your life be important because we have limited time
to spend here on earth. And again, never encourage the habit of African time because Africans are
poor handlers of time. I will see you again.

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