Alone Time – The Importance of Reflection

In this hectic modern world, where we are always distracted by one thing or another, and time for ourselves becomes very rare, men are faced with a noticeable lack of “me-time”. Without the important “alone time” and a chance to introspect, reflect on your actions and goals, and get in touch with yourself and your passions, men are missing out on so much, without even knowing it. Because every successful, improved and refined man knows himself. He spend a lot of time on his own, through hardships and hard times, never relying on others for help they could never provide, and in turn he emerged better, stronger and in tune with his personality.
You’re wrong if you think that a man’s life should be hectic and chaotic, pursuing trifles and wasting big bucks on worthless things. In the end, your hectic life will leave you unfulfilled and unhappy. Sure, you should always aim high and fight with full force, but you need to aim your efforts in the right directions. So read on as we discuss the importance of spending some time alone with your deepest thoughts.

Men of Value Look Deeper
Getting satisfied with only the superficial things will never be enough for a man of value, a man with self respect. More is needed. And if you feel like your life lacks something, if you feel like a drifter and without a purpose, then maybe that something is deep inside you. You should find discipline, put the partying and night life aside and spend some time on your own. Think about the things you did in your life. Were they worthy, influential and lasting? Think about your future. How will it look? Think about your goals. What is achievable and how? Think about your passions. What drives you forward, what do you yearn for? Answering these questions is an important part of your life. If you can’t readily provide an answer to them (ask yourself now) then you lack the zeal that men need in life. A goal. With this goal you get the strength to overcome obstacles which are plentiful in this life.

Take it Easy
Look, you’re in your prime. There is so much in this world you can achieve and leave a long lasting mark with your life and work. But first you need to envision the path, in order to follow it. You need to see the light, in order to pursue it. Try a different approach to your daily routines. Is your routine made up solely of bitches, money, drinking? Movies, games, going out? Think twice whether these actions are rewarding and what kind of man do they make you. Just create an experiment for once. Get up early. Read a book. Often, through reading you can get important insights and start thinking about crucial subjects. Spend some time on your own. You can build something, do some gardening or take a hike through nature. You would be surprised at how eye opening, rewarding and joyful an afternoon in the garden can be. Breathe deep and soak up the surroundings and the atmosphere. What do you feel?

Knowing Yourself
Men are often afraid of spending time on their own. And we are not talking about a few hours. We’re talking about a few days – a solitary time devoted to you and you only. Men fear this, because the thoughts that start gathering when you are alone are not always nice and bright. You are faced with your problems, insecurities, your past and your sorrows. But running away from them will do you no good. It will not solve them. Facing them though, will help you fixed them more efficiently.
On the other hand, a thinking man can reach many conclusions about the world. Call it philosophy if you will. But it is useful. Knowing how the world and the people in it work, will help you in life. Seeing through people and knowing their intentions can improve your game, your business and your lifestyle. It all ties in to the image of a successful, self-made man who leads and is desired. He is made from many, many components and philosophy and loneliness are just a few out of many.

Never be afraid to speak your mind and serve radical truths to the blind people around you. A man is known to have no problems with speaking his mind. He declares what he deems to be the truth and gives no fuck about what anyone might think about it. Because he knows himself. He spent the time alone, he saw things only he knows. He gathered hard earned insights and has the right to speak the truth. Don’t be afraid to be alone – you’d be surprised at how rewarding and effective it can be.

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