The Alpha vs. Beta Male….I Choose none

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When I was growing up, grew up in a stable home by the way with two working parents my old man would sometimes come home a bit tipsy and start up some fracas with my mum.

Most of the times it would be over something stupid( with all due respect to the old man) like his food not being warm enough or mum failing to pick up when he called earlier on in the day.  He would cause so much bull it would be nauseating.

Just sitting there and watching my mum getting terrorized and there was nothing I could do about it. So most of the time I would leave them to it rest I did something regrettable.

What used to piss me off even more was the fact that my mum always seemed to have moved on the next morning showering all manner of praises to the man who caused sickening torment the previous night. She would pour his water to take a bath, iron his shirt and brush his shoes as he stepped out for the hustle.

Why? Why was she taking all this bullcrap? Why did she have to marry this cunt (Again no disrespect old man) instead of a nice man who would be nothing but sweet to her?

10 years or so later…it now makes perfect sense now why my old man always behaved like this…actually it has gone a long way to sustain his marriage and keep my mum in check.

Because let’s be honest, women love control and given the slightest chance they can walk all over you so as a man, you always have to exact authority and remind them that you still got the BIG cojones and sub consciously women love that shit.

They want a man with a big ego, who shows up at 2 AM after a night out with the boys and he had promised to be home at 10 PM, a man who commands her to get on her knees and suck his equally big cock and then go ahead to fuck her till she cums her soul out.

And when he’s done say something inconsiderate that will annoy her guts out!

I always used to think that my mum is a nice person, a sweet soul and that cares for all us, goes to church and is concerned about everyone’s wellbeing so surely she doesn’t deserve any of that.

What I always tended to forget is that she’s mother to us but a woman and a lover to my dad and all women have little devil in them that needs taming or else things will get really bad.

As it’s the case with every woman, the beta male looks good on paper but deep down that’s not they are attracted to. Yes, they want a man who can provide and be a good role model to the kids but they also want a man who will defend her when some random guy attempts to grab her ass in the club.

They want a man who is a little rough on the edges and who won’t fall to their whims one bit…a man who can say no…

Ad why? Because that’s just how women are wired…they just don’t know what they want and the best thing to do as a man is accept that.

Secondly women hate being bored…they are funaholics and they yearn for a man who will always make things dangerous and interesting…and I mean every single day and it doesn’t matter if they are married or not. Cyndi Lauper said it in that song from the 70’s but I bet we all just assumed she was high on cocaine.

So where does this information leave us?

Well, you can be a beta male and earn the respect of your neighbours and church peers and get used to the fact that you’ll be walked all over, you’ll get your opinion totally disregarded and there is a high likelihood you’ll get cheated on with some riff raff who probably hawks buckets in your neighbourhood.

Or you can be the alpha male…bad boy persona who even sleeps with your sister in law and leave with the fact that you kids will always loath you and end up fucked up in the future. The woman of your life can also choose to walk out and leave you in the hands of savages who will wipe out your bank account dry with zero fucks.

There is a third option which is a mix of the two and which worked miracles in my family and which I’m applying on my relationship now.

The call is yours brotha!



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