Always on Top – Tips for Raising Your Confidence

A lot – and we mean A LOT of young guys all over the world are struggling with their confidence for the most part. Well, we’re here to help out and offer you some important insight at what you can do to feel much better about yourself and overcome those obstacles with ease. Whether you need success with business, money, friends or women, confidence can help so much. Feeling good about yourself is the foundation of success and fulfillment. While low confidence can be considered as a normal part on the road to manhood, there can be some other causes as well. The root of it lies in the increasing pressure of the modern society – the media, the impossible standards it paints, the feminism and cuck, failed upbringing. Men are “trained” from young age to be simps and cucks, and thus have low confidence and no masculinity at a mature age. That needs to stop. Men who feel fulfilled in their own skin and have no issues being themselves, are men of success. Men who are influential. You can be that man as well. Read on.

Talk the talk, Walk the walk.
You all heard this saying at one point. Men who talk and brag, but can deliver results. A typical example of false confidence – or too much of it. But that can be good. It ties in to our next rule which we will discuss in a minute. The point we want to draw is – courage. Courage is the essence of confidence. And you need it brother. Never be afraid to speak your mind and stand up for yourself. As hard as it can be sometimes – it is IMPERATIVE to stand up for yourself. Trust us. You will be thankful for this tip later. Someone barks at you – you bark back. Don’t cower. And when you talk the talk, be ready to walk to walk. Even if you know you will fail, who gives a fuck. At least you had to balls to go through with it, no matter what. You were confident about it.

Fake it ‘til You Make it
This is important. Even if you feel insecure about anything – your looks, your social skills, your strengths – hide that and own it. Present yourself as a million dollars – even if you feel like a nickel. People can’t look under your skin (easily) so they will perceive you based on your behavior. IF you present yourself as a confident, fulfilled guy, they will think of you like that. Talk like you’re in your prime – even if you’re still working on it.  IN time you will no longer need to fake anything – you will BE a successful, confident man and there will be nothing to fake. And at that point you’ll have a lot of things in your reach, and this article will not be necessary.

The Abundance Rule
There’s a good rule somebody wrote a long time ago. But I still remember it.  Put yourself in a hypothetical situation. You are walking into a club. There’s your company, the chicks are there and everyone’s eyes are on you. You walk over to introduce yourself. You feel insecure, not too confident. That’s ok. But you can’t show it. That’s why you need abundance mentality. Tell yourself that these things are superficial and not necessary. Fake it. Tell yourself you got plenty of better things in store and this is just a pastime. Don’t put too much emphasize on it and suddenly it won’t be a big deal.  People and women in general will see when you’re too needy and obsessed with a silly thing. So don’t be. It’s just a club. They’re just people. Probably far more useless and unworthy than you are. Fake it ‘til you make it brother. Walk in there like you’re George Clooney and you granted these bitches the privilege of your time. Show it, exude it. Don’t think it would looks stupid to act like a million bucks. People will cling onto it, they will fall for it. No need for them to know the little secret.

Never, ever put yourself down. Never dare to consider that some other man is better than you. No. He is he and you are you. HE just worked hard and walked longer. You too will get there. Each man carries his own burden and yours is no lighter than his. So instead, pat yourself on the back and be happy for what you did that day. The next one will be even better. Feel like a thousand bucks and show it my friend.

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