America’s Fatherless Black Communities

Women Need to Take Accountability

You know, ever since President Trump’s announced that he’ll meet with Black men (mostly pro-athletes and celebrities) about pardoning “unjustly” judged and sentenced people, I’ve been literately shaking my head at how many of us have begun to actually sidebar this with the suggestion of this not only being one surefire way to undo some past wrongs to African-American citizens from the United States judicial system but somehow repair our fatherless America, specifically the Black communities, and all of the societal ills within it. Say what?

Now I know what you’re thinking. This isn’t another critique of Trump but rather a slam on the collective thought of the moronic apologists, the enablers who’ll have the rest of us sensible individuals believe that massive Executive pardoning will start a virtual snowball effect on repairing us as a whole.

Really now? Please. S*** filter’s full.

The fatherless problem in America

With all due respect, the sole onus is on the Black women to fix the fatherless problem in Black neighborhoods or the more commonly phrased “urban areas.” It’s Economics 101 of supply and demand.

Oh, sure, we men share in this responsibility as well but it’s mostly on the backend. Meaning, when there’s an unplanned pregnancy, it’s too late for us to be included in the decision to either go full term or execute (I mean abort) the child.

Trust, I’ve heard it all before. “Ooh, Marcus, you’re such a misogynist.”

No, I don’t hate women. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I’m just dropping facts like that choice still belongs in the hands of women. All we’ve got is flavored condoms and, if we’ve eaten our Wheaties, a strong pullout game.

How many forms of female birth control are available? Uh-huh, yeah, and I don’t have enough fingers and thumbs to keep count. Guess we men should avoid having sex with these types of females from the get go but we all know that’ll never happen!

Make better choices

See, the moment they make better decisions on whom they allow access to impregnate their wombs (preferably a husband), the sooner we’ll see the ‘hoods transform back into thriving communities. Prior to integration, there were more stable Black families with a whole lot less of out of wedlock births.

Fast forward to 2018? Well, nowadays, most of the dudes (not men) you females pick to knock you up weren’t really father material from day one but, hey, you already knew that going in.

Then when these fools don’t want to “act right” by being responsible men, you’ll pretend to be shocked. Yeah, right.

Unfortunately, though, that creates the ongoing cycle of single mothers. It’s not fair to the kids or the rest of us.

Go on and tell me I’m wrong. C’mon, I can take it.

But the Media controls how children are raised

There’s plenty who’ll subscribe to the myth that media’s taken over solid, responsible parenthood. I call major BS on that one.

Yes, whenever a woman opts to bring a child into the world on her own, she’s the one in charge of raising a viable member of society. However, most but not all of the time, the opposite goes down; thus, hatching the current violent climate that will eventually, one way or another, affect us all.

So, any woman with common sense can make an adult decision about the dudes she lets skeet up inside her. The so-called evil media’s got nothing to do with personal responsibility for one’s own action.

No, this isn’t another bash Black women rant. It’s something else called the cold, hard truth.

Likewise, the truth is that our women (and not just Black Americans) need to finally take accountability for their own actions. Unless it’s rape, it’s all on them.

But what about the men

Well, yes, of course, both men and women have responsibility here. And contrary to popular belief, there’s a silent majority of us men whom still live by a code of honor, integrity and loyalty when choosing a woman (or women but that’s another topic) to love, protect and provide for.

However, I can’t help but tilt my head like a curious dog when being told daily that the following Men Need to Do list only seems to be divvied up exclusively among us and not the ladies:

  • Men need to have integrity.
  • Men need to own their life decisions, aka “If you do the deed, then be a father.”
  • Men are designed to be protectors of women and need to nurture their family.
  • Men need to have self-respect, especially with unprotected sex.
  • Men need to value women.
  • Men need to be accountable.
  • Men need to build a foundation and plan for the future.

Cool. I’m down with everything listed above.

Now let’s flip it

However, it would be even cooler if women would also adhere to this need-to-do list, too. Just insert “Women,” and future generations shall enjoy the positive outcome of more solid families with less out of wedlock births.

Moreover, within time, we’ll see more successful business startups and less crime within thriving Black communities across the nation. Now that’s what’s up.

Look, after the smoke clears, the main responsibility will always land on the woman’s lap. After all, it’s her lap, her vagina, her womb and HER choice in whether to carry a baby full term or murder (Dang it. I mean abort) it. What a world we live in, huh?

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