An Open Letter To Social Media Warriors

Nigerians are angry. They are not smiling. The country is hard enough for people to get angry even at the slightest provocation. You must be careful of the things you say. There are people who have probably been waiting for you to make mistakes, so that they can use your mistake as a platform to bury you alive. It looks like everyone is looking for someone to crucify.

Fights everywhere. Blackmail. And even curses. You need to guard your head. Don’t come on Facebook and start acting like a king if you know you are not one. Most people will lose their jobs in real life because of the things they engage in on social media. And some may be harmed or perhaps lose their lives because of their social media presence.

It is the female folks that I pity most. You know yourselves. You engage in Facebook battle with people anyhow. People you know that you can’t face in real life. You challenge people (even men) with words, because you think you are famous on Facebook and you can get away with anything. I just pity you. Facebook warrior. Social media Arnold Schwarzenegger. Jackie Chan of subs. Go on.

You don’t know some of the people you battle with. I have heard stories of girls being raped because they couldn’t control their buccal cavity on social media. Some have been killed. A man who does not have the paraphernalia to battle does not engage himself in singing the songs of war. It is dangerous. The time is coming, and now is, that people will be judged by their social media idiosyncrasies.

Many will lose relationships. Many will lose jobs. Many will lose their dignity. Many will lose their privacy. Many will lose their lives. Many will remain unmarried. Many will commit suicide because they can’t stand what they have caused. And lots more. You’ll hear of these things and you will remember my words. Don’t pretend to be what you are not. No. Don’t do that. You don’t need it.

Don’t drag yourself into trouble because you want to impress your fans and followers. You’ll turn to look back and you will realize you are the only one standing. Be wise. Diplomacy and modesty is required online, especially for women, because you are the weaker vessels. You may choose to argue with me that you are not weak. When the balloon bursts, you will come back to your senses. I have delivered what the gods sent me. He that has an ear, let him hear!

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