How Anal Sex Makes A Woman Yours

The first time I ever fucked a girl in the ass was almost like having sex for the first time (Males do not lose their “virginity” as there is no hymen or “cherry” to pop. We simply have sex for the first time.). The excitement of penetrating a woman’s third hole, the feeling of accomplishment, and bragging to my boys about how I finally went back door were all running through my mind as I did the dirty deed.

But a funny thing happened in the aftermath of my maiden voyage as an ass avenger: She got more attached. Much more attached. This chick started giving me more head, wearing less clothing, demanding more of my time, and seemed hell bent on doing anything and everything she could to keep me around.

The change was so sudden, I couldn’t help but notice. And it wasn’t gradual at all. One night she showed up in jeans and a t-shirt with Chinese take out, the next she showed wearing heels she could barely walk in and a dress so small it barely covered her tits or her ass (no exaggeration), with the ingredients to make a chicken dish for dinner.

This is exactly how she dressed after I sodomized her

At the time I had no idea why my girl had turned into the slutty michelin star chef girlfriend we all fantasize about but the more women I engaged in anal sex with, the more I began to realize that was the very reason for their behavior.

Then I learned game and made it a point to try going back door on every woman I hooked up with. Obviously I wasn’t always successful but when I was, bitches got crazy and wouldn’t leave the fuck alone. At that point it became obvious to me that when you ream a girl’s asshole, you dominate her body, her mind, and her soul and when that happens she becomes your possession.

So why does this happen when you pull off the sex move most men are afraid to even try? Let’s get to it.

She is ultra aroused by you

The look in a woman’s eyes when she’s ready for an ass ramming

Though anal sex has been pushed to the forefront what with widespread access to pornography and the lack of accountability for the sexual exploits of women, it’s still considered taboo in many circles. Blow jobs used to be in this “unspeakables” category as well.

Wives don’t suck the cocks of their husbands, they suck the cocks of their paramours. Same with girls who have beta boyfriends. And if they do go down on ’em (which is rare indeed) it’s for one of 2 reasons: 1) to shut them up or 2) to manipulate or gain some sort of favor…usually money or time related.

Going back door is much the same way but females are much more liberal with their mouths than their assholes. She may give a beta a 10 second lackluster blow job but her asshole is off limits to men who don’t make her pussy wet.

Also, anal sex doesn’t really do anything for women sexually. Sure, there are a few women out there who like butt sex for whatever reason, but they’re in the minority. At worst, getting sodomized is painful. At best it’s uncomfortable.

If she’s willing to endure pain for you, she’s aroused by you

So if a female gives you her anus knowing it could hurt and doesn’t do anything for her, you can bet your ass you’re giving her seismic tingles and that her sexual attraction to you is off the charts.

You are in the minority

Girls in 2017 are epic sluts. We know this. But as much dick as their pussies and mouths have taken over the years, not many men have fucked them in the ass.

Mathematically speaking, their pussies have taken the most cock, their mouths are the runner up, but their asses are a distant third…if at all. And if you’re one of the few men who’ve penetrated that sphincter, you’re at or near the top of her sexual totem pole.

Regardless of how many men a woman is sleeping with at the same time, there’s always one she wants to ultimately be with. Girls are sluts but they don’t really wanna be fucking 20 guys.

She might be fucking a bunch of guys but she wants to lock down just one

She’s definitely not letting every man fuck her in the ass (exceptions do exist). And if you’re the dude going back door, then you’re the one she really wants to be with.

She is at your mercy

As stated earlier, best case scenario for a woman when it comes to ass fucking is that it’s uncomfortable. Worst case, it’s painful. Whether a man knows what he’s doing or not when he’s back there could result in serious pain or even injury (read: bleed). Either way, she’s at your mercy when she allows you to corn hole her.

Females want nothing more than to surrender to a man

Subjecting herself to this risk makes her extremely vulnerable to you and women love this. They love being at a man’s mercy in any and all situations because it’s a submissive state. No matter what women say they relish vulnerability and submissiveness with the right man.

One woman I was fucking a while back said:

I don’t like it when a man hurts me [through sex or domestic or physical abuse] but I like to know that he can if he wants to.

A female who willingly makes herself defenseless to you in this way belongs to you. Period.

Tying it all together

Sex is always emotional for women. There are some sexual encounters or hookups that illicit more emotion than others but by and large, women connect with the men they have sex with emotionally on some level.

So when you have Greek style sex with her, you know she’s extremely aroused by you, that you’re in the minority as you’re penetrating an opening few men (if any) have in her past, and she’s completely vulnerable to you and at your mercy.

Women live to be a man’s possession

A blend of those elements will draw a woman closer to you physically and emotionally and she’ll start treating you much better in and out of the bedroom.

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