Any Second Now


While 666 years in the past, it's a battle of skills between time manipulator Simon Jahaz and mercenary Mr. Hanks.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

October 31, 1471

Gold Coast 

Simon Jahaz rode point with twenty warrior class guardsmen, loyal to Sunni Ali Ber, in hot pursuit of Mr. Hanks. The king knew the alleged time manipulator as Kwabena, a new Black face whom not only provided futuristic, technological weapons but agreed to take his oldest daughter, Afia, as first wife upon his safe return.

“Bring him back, Kwabena,” Ber ordered Jahaz as he watched the man from the year 2137 race a black horse through the jungle.

Elapsed Mission Time: 13 Minutes, 5 seconds

“Fuck me,” Mr. Hanks gritted his teeth, no thanks to King Ber’s soldiers. “Bloody wankers broke my arm.” The team leader of Eco One mercenaries-for-hire, sole survivor of an eight-man team, is now on the run.

With less than 13 minutes left of elapsed mission time flashing across biodegradable contact lenses, Hanks knew that “Yank,” Simon Jahaz, would soon be closing in on him. He needed to distant himself from this outlaw whom was immune to the restrictions of episode time travel.

See, he’s recently discovered his secret to unlimited time travel: a miniaturize tumbler surgically inserted around his spinal cord.

“Gotta get back home,” Hanks winced in pain. “Regroup with another team, and come back to royally fuck this shithead.” Then he heard a noise from behind him.

Elapsed Mission Time: 12 Minutes, 44 seconds

“There he is, Kwabena!” Simon Jahaz’s contact lenses translated the soldier’s Twi.

“Quiet,” Jahaz frowned as he dismounted his horse. “Spread out.” The rest of his men remained on their horses while out flanking their fleeing prey.

“C’mon, Simon!” Mr. Hanks shouted as he sprinted through the jungle. “Come and get me!”

“Trap him inside a perimeter!” Jahaz ordered in Twi. He knew that broken arm would slow Hanks down but not completely stop him. The time manipulator had caught up to the hunted, with a long, thick bludgeon as a weapon of choice. He leaped while swinging in mid air for the back of the unarmed mercenary’s legs but missed.

“Fuck,” Jahaz recovered, continuing his assault.

“Arrggh!” Hanks tackled Jahaz down to the ground, grappling for the bludgeon. “Tick, tock, Simon. The clock’s running out.” Surprisingly, Hanks caught him with a one-arm head lock. “Gonna take you back to Corporate with me.”

“Bitch ass,” Jahaz tossed the back of his own skull against is enemy’s nose, snapping back his neck while quickly escaping. “C’mere, muh phucka.” Jahaz slammed his left knee down onto the man’s trachea. “Die, mutha phucka. Die.”

Both of them exchanged savage body blows.

“You first,” Hanks said with a bloodied nose as he stood back up.

“Niggah, you wish,” Jahaz said with a bruised bottom lip while throwing hands toe to toe.

Elapsed Mission Time: 10 Minutes, 7 seconds

The combatants thrown one another inside a nearby Gold Coast river, each one trying to kill the other. Both submerged under water, then suddenly an exhausted Simon Jahaz surfaces first.

“Whew,” Jahaz swam out, crawling for dry land when he felt his left ankle held. “This muh phucka, here.” He flipped over onto his back, sat up and jerked free of his enemy’s underwater grip.

“Dead or alive,” Mr. Hanks quickly joined Jahaz. “You’re coming back to the future with me.”

“Shit,” Jahaz felt a sharp pain in his left ankle while standing back up.

“Odds are more even now,” Hanks smirked.

“Don’t think so,” Jahaz stole on him with a quick right cross to the jaw, knocking him on his ass. He called for his men to rush in, securing him.

“Let go of me,” Hanks struggled against two borrowed soldiers. “You’re going to cause a time paradox.”

“Hold ’em,” Jahaz ordered, moving in closer to his captured target.

“Kill me, and they’ll just send more.”

“And I’ll kill them, too.”

“You cunt.”

“Any second now.”

“Bloody cunt!”


An explosion had just cut down Simon Jahaz’s soldiers to half, with around nine or 10 whom had survived but had lost control of Mr. Hanks.

“Reinforcements,” Jahaz spat blood from his mouth, retrieving his bludgeon to finish what he started. He saw Hanks surrounded by an eight-man back up team of Mammoth-sponsored mercenaries from the future.

See, after seven out of eight of the initial spec ops had returned to the year 2137 dead on arrival, Corporate wasn’t going to wait until its team leader, Mr. Hanks, to follow suit. Hence the back up team jumping through a blue temporal worm hole, firing a rocket propelled grenade, regaining control of the situation.

“Weapons free!” Hanks commanded the second team of mercenaries armed to the teeth with pulse rifles. “Take out the target!”

“Abort!” Jahaz yelled at his remaining men, not wanting Hanks’ reinforcements to slaughter them like falling Dominoes.

Not surprisingly, King Ber’s warrior class ignored Kwabena’s last order, and engaged their enemy. One by one, they dropped from double taps, burning holes into their respective chests.

“Get the fuck out now!” Jahaz ordered but he knew those men weren’t wired to retreat in the face of death. The only thing in his favor was that although this second wave of futuristic killers had at least nine to 15 minutes or so on their time clocks, Hanks’ own temporal counter was quickly ticking down to zero.

That was an advantage still in the time manipulator’s favor. He swung his bludgeon on his first victim, crushing his exposed trachea.

One merc dead.

I’m coming for you, bitch, Jahaz violently thought of Mr. Hanks’ soon demise. You hear me?

Eight more to kill.

To be continued in A SIMON JAHAZ TALE EPISODE 5. . . 

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