Approaching women can be easy if you follow these steps

Approaching women

When it comes to meeting women, most guys have no idea what to do. It  gets extremely frustrating when some of you see a woman you like and don’t know how to approach her. Learning how to get girls to like you can be simple. In this dating tip video Steve is going to show you guys a universal way to approach any woman any time without worrying about what to say to her. This approach gets right to the point and cuts the bullshit. Steve is going to explain the problem with certain approaches, how to approach the woman with out feeling uncomfortable and how to say what you want without wasting her time.



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Steve “The Dean” Williams, relationship and sex expert at An expert in relationships of all stages from the single life to the married life and all points in between, Steve teaches men and women how to unplug themselves from the dating matrix of TV, Radio, and magazines. Instead, Steve’s upfront no-nonsense blunt dating advice goes against every thing people have been taught. This isn’t “Chicken Soup for the Soul”. Instead Steve believes that In order to get your dating life right with the opposite sex, you first have to get yourself right. For over 25 years Steve Williams has been earning the trust of American men and women looking to transform their love lives. He has been out there himself dating, making mistakes, and learning all the ins and outs of what it takes to meet quality members of the opposite sex. Steve has never spent time learning any “theory” or academic speculation. Instead, he’s been working with real-life people who needed advice that works. Good theories sound nice, but at the end of the day – results are the only thing that matter. Steve’s advice doesn’t just work for a certain “type” of person, or in a certain part of the world. He has successfully coached people in all sorts of situations and circumstances: Good looking… ugly… tall… short… rich… poor… and all over the world – from the US to London to Australia and more. The secrets he’s discovered over the years are not circumstantial – they’re based on universal human nature. And that means they’ll work for you no matter who you are, where you live or what your current relationship situation is. Steve has been married since 1999.