Are Men Obliged To Pay On The First Date?

Dating in 2018 has become so fucked up and convoluted with all the mind games women play and all the attention whoring they do and all the bullshit men have to put up with. These things have made dating extremely confusing for men. Back in the day when a guy got a girl’s number it was assumed he was gonna call her that day and set up a date. It was simple.

But these days Men agonize every decision because girls are so fucked up. Nevermind all the shit we have to go through to get her number in the first place. Nevermind all the hoops we have to jump through just to talk to her. Nevermind we have to deal with cock blocks and white knights. All that’s involved to get her number is the easy part because as soon as she gives up the digits, dudes are scared they’re gonna call or text too soon or too late. They overthink their next strategy rather than acting on blind instinct and letting the chips fall where they may. They have no idea that it doesn’t really matter whether you text her 5 seconds after you got her number or 5 days because if a girl really likes him, she’ll remember who he was when he decided to call or text.

Do I text her now? Later? Tomorrow?? Next week???

Then if he manages to get everything right to that point, he’s gotta decide where he’s gonna take her out, which is the easy part. Apparently the hard part is deciding whether or not he should pay. He thinks to himself “If I pay, she’ll get mad because she’ll think I’m patronizing her but if I don’t she’ll think I’m cheap!”

Well if you’re one of those guys you’re in luck because I’m gonna clear up all the confusion and tell you guys how to navigate the anxiety that comes with where to take her and whether or not to pay on a first date.

So the first question we’re gonna answer is “Do I have to pay on the first date?” The answer to that is fuck no. You don’t have to pay for anything. That doesn’t mean you won’t but you’re not obliged to pick up the tab on a first date in 2018.

So naturally, the next question is “How do I decide whether or not to pay on a first date?” The answer to this one’s not quite as simple, but it’s not too complicated either. Whether or not you pay on a first date depends upon 2 things:

#1: What your intentions are with the girl 

#2: The kind of girl you’re taking out.

Now any time you take out the typical American slutty woman, your intentions are to try to fuck her that night. This is gonna be the case with most women you approach. You strike up conversation, you swat away the shit tests, you get the digits, run standard text game, set up the date, close the deal. Rinse and repeat.

Now some guys might be saying “Well what if you don’t intend to try to fuck her?” To which I would respond with, “Then you’ve failed the biggest shit test of all”.

Always try to fuck her on the first date

Women expect us to try to sleep with them EVEN if they don’t INTEND on sleeping with US. They may WANT to, but if they have any semblance of temperance, discipline, and impulse control and they like you enough that they’re thinking of pursuing a long term relationship with you, she’s not going to give into the temptation.

So now guys are probably thinking “Well if you try to fuck her and she doesn’t let you you’ve blown it right?” Not necessarily. She might not have slept with you because she likes you and wants to pursue a relationship with you and knows that by sleeping with you on the first date that you’d immediately put her into the fuck friend category.

Another reason she might not have fucked you because she’s not turned on by you. She just doesn’t like you like that. Either way, if you don’t try to sleep with her she’ll lose respect for you because she understands that it’s in a man’s nature to fuck pretty girls and any man who doesn’t act on this biological impulse is either afraid to try or he’s not turned on by her. In either case she’s turned off by this.

So how do you know you’ve blown it? Simple. If you try to fuck her, and she resists, but doesn’t agree to a 2nd date, she was never going to sleep with you in the first place. If you try to fuck her and she resists but agrees to a 2nd meet up, then she probably likes you. It’s as simple as that guys. You don’t lose anything by trying to sleep with a girl on first date.

“Well what if she’s using you for free food? Girls do this all the time?” Patience young Padawan. The answers are coming but I’ll give you a hint: If you handle things correctly during the first date (meaning you spend very little money), and she agrees to a 2nd date, then you know she’s not using you for free food and drinks.

I would also say that if you really like a girl you’re about to take out on a date and you haven’t seen any discernible slut tells, trying to fuck her is the equivalent of shit testing her. If she lets you fuck her on the first date, she’s failed your shit test. You know she’s a slut. You’ll keep her around but only to fuck her. But if she resists, and then agrees to go out with you again, not only do you know she likes you, she’s passed the FIRST shit test meaning you haven’t put her in the fuck friend category yet.

Now keep in mind there are a lot of girls who are undercover sluts. They make a guy wait until the 3rd or 4th date to sleep with him to make him think she’s not a slut but thanks to the Manosphere, dudes are more aware. Just because a girl makes you wait for sex doesn’t mean she’s not a slut.

So now that we’ve established that your intentions are to try to sleep with her on the first date, let’s move to the second variable which is the kind of girl she is and this is fairly straightforward. If you approach a girl and you pick up on a few slut tells like tattoos, body piercings, unnaturally colored hair like green, or pink, or purple, or if she tells you she’s a feminist, or any of the other 100 tells that reveals a girl as a slut, don’t pay for the date. And by don’t pay for the date I mean don’t take her to dinner, because that’s what we’re talking about here right guys? If people are talking about whether or not a guy should pay on a first date we’re assuming they’re going out to a restaurant. And as we all know restaurant tabs can get high especially if you’re buying drinks. We’re talking $70-$80.  I don’t know about you guys but $80 is a lotta fuckin’ money and if i know she’s a slut I ain’t droppin’ that kinda coin. Fuck that.

So the solution here is that if you can tell she’s a slut, you’re obviously not going to commit to her outside of fucking her every once in a while and if that’s the case, there’s no way you’re taking her to a sit down restaurant to be wined and dined and treated like someone she’s not.

Instead take her to the movies and tell her “I’ll buy the tickets, you buy the popcorn and coke”. Another good idea is to take her to a bar and tell her “you buy the first round, I’ll buy the next.” Any place where you can essentially “split the bill” without making it awkward like at restaurants where they ask is this together or separate and you say “separate” which makes you look cheap, the movies or the bar is great way to show her that your attention and time has to be earned.

Which leads me to a very important point: When you take a woman out regardless of whether you think she’s a slut or not, by taking her to a restaurant and then paying, you’re putting your value above your own. You’re indirectly telling her that in order to get your time attention and resources, all she has to do is show up. And because women know that deep down that they are simple creatures that aren’t really deserving of such treatment, they lose respect for men who give them these things so freely and easily. Their subconscious tells them “This guy has no idea that I’m not that special. He’s treating me like a queen and I haven’t really done anything yet.”

Even though they tell their friends and everybody on social media that they deserve the best of everything, women know that they really don’t. And any man who doesn’t recognize that is a man she doesn’t respect. Especially sluts.

You don’t deserve shit but a shot of vodka and some dick

So when you approach a girl, get her number, and set up a date, it’s important to understand that A) You’re going to try to fuck her and B) it doesn’t matter what kind of girl she is. You’re not taking any woman to a sit down restaurant. You’re going to take her somewhere you guys can have fun, get to know each other a little better, and most importantly split the tab.

The movies, a bar, a coffee shop….tell her I’ll get the coffee, you get the muffins…take her to ride go carts…..I’ll pay for the rides, you pay for the snacks…..take her bowling, I’ll pay for the games, you buy the drinks. There are a shitload of options out there for dates that don’t involve her being waited on and you picking up the tab and she’s got the attention of both you and the waiter. That sets a bad tone moving forward.

But by avoiding the sit down restaurant and splitting the cost with her she not only now has skin in the game, it tells her that she’s got to work for your time and attention. She doesn’t get to just show up and get bathed in attention and free food and drinks. She’s gotta bring something to the table and you’re gonna be the man who makes her bring it.  And it doesn’t matter if she’s fucked 5 guys or 500, it doesn’t matter if you fuck her or not, it doesn’t matter if she likes you and wants to keep seeing you or declines a 2nd date. In the end you will have her respect and a lot more money in your pocket.

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