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The Long Game for Men is Resources

October 11, 2018 Rom Wills 0

Black male images on social media have been a theme for me lately so I might as well keep going.   One social media page I follow on Instagram is interesting.  It features the requisite phat […]

Game For Men

Black Male Images on Social Media

October 4, 2018 Rom Wills 0

I stay on Instagram a lot, for research purposes of course.  Sike, let me stop playing.  I’m on there checking out phat asses.   I also follow a few regular people and men’s fashion pages.  One […]

Black Community

Creating Our Own Industries

September 27, 2018 Rom Wills 0

A tidbit that someone doesn’t know about me is that I briefly worked in the modeling industry with a fashion show production company.   No, I wasn’t walking on a runway modeling the latest clothes of […]

Black Community

Develop a Laser Focus

September 20, 2018 Rom Wills 0

I was on Facebook the other day and I saw a post that said something profound.   This brotha who is making his climb to be a millionaire shared some knowledge he was told by men […]

Black Community

Good Men Win in the End

September 13, 2018 Rom Wills 0

There is the famous saying that Nice Guys finish last.   It is felt that the genuinely good men get the short end of the sick as far as life is concerned and especially in male/female […]

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