Black Community

The Potential of the Black Church

November 16, 2017 Rom Wills 0

A big criticism that some Black women have of Black men is that we have not built anything.   This statement is usually made on social media as an excuse as to why many Black women […]

Black Church Fuckery

Do Black Women Want Righteous Men?

November 9, 2017 Rom Wills 0

I’m going tell you a story.  There was this Black woman.  We’ll call her Tisha.   No special reason.  I just don’t personally know a Tisha and I don’t need a legal headache.   Tisha was a […]

Game For Men

The Best Way to Get a Black Woman

November 2, 2017 Rom Wills 1

Now despite the back and forth between Black men and Black women the reality is that most Black men want a Black woman for dating, relationships, and yes, marriage.   I mean the curves of a […]


The Problem with the Narrative

October 26, 2017 Rom Wills 1

“I’m going to tell you a story.”   That was the line said by my favorite character, Mr. Nancy, from the TV show, “American Gods.”   I’m going to start this joint off with a story.  Once […]

Black Community

More Diversity of Black Male Images

October 19, 2017 Rom Wills 1

When I was younger I used to talk to many adolescent Black boys both formally and informally.  Sometimes it would be the young boys I coached in youth soccer.   Other times it would be random […]

Black Community

The Changing Models of Black Manhood

October 5, 2017 Rom Wills 1

One of the latest trends in the Black community is women going crazy over men wearing beards.   We see this with numerous social media trends.   Businesses that cater to men wearing beards are laughing all […]

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