Business/ Finance

Ask Wealthy People How to Get Wealthy

August 9, 2018 Rom Wills 0

Black wealth is a major topic on social media.   It needs to be.  Though there are many exceptions as a collective Black America is at the bottom of the economic totem pole as measured by […]


Stacking Your Paper

August 3, 2018 Rom Wills 0

Every man needs to develop the practice of stacking his paper.   For those who are not familiar with that slang it just means to save your money.   Someone once said that money isn’t everything but […]

Game For Men

Make Women Come to Your Level

July 26, 2018 Rom Wills 0

A consistent question I get from many men who follow my work is how to deal with women who are not on their level.   When I say level I am speaking in terms of intelligence, […]

Black Community

Creating a Strong Culture

July 19, 2018 Rom Wills 0

When talking about dysfunction in the Black community many racists and self-haters will say it’s something inherent in the DNA of Blacks that causes the problems.   Yet the same people can’t seem to articulate an […]

Black Community

The Black Pathology Industry

July 12, 2018 Rom Wills 0

In another article I wrote that many Black leaders want to be The One as in the one great leader.   Of course I had my thoughts on that idea.   Ultimately I see most of these […]

Black Community

Build a Sanctuary

July 5, 2018 Rom Wills 0

As Black men we face a thousand micro-aggressions on a daily basis.   Whether it’s subtle racism on a job to conflicts with our own women to subtle challenges from other Black men we go through […]

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