Avoiding the Validation Trap – Don’t Give Her What She Wants

When gaming women, you’ll often find yourself in a position where you are uncertain of what exactly she wants. Or to put it better, you’ll make a mistake because of it. You’re falling into her web, a thick and crafty maze of head game, and if you’re not a good player, you’ll end up with your lil brutha dry as a desert. But hey, why the worry? We’re here to help you out, as always.
First off, some things need to be clarified. Validation is a dangerous drug. For women at least. It is the sole object of their desires. More than money, more than fame, more than sex. Validation. In a sense it’s a bit of everything combined, but more than anything – it’s the food for her ego. And we all know that ego is all to a woman. We talked a bit about the ego in some of our previous articles, like this one.
Validation is the proof she needs to tell her that she still got it. That she is still desired and wanted, thirsted for. A woman will often lure you in with obvious signs, only to dump you once you approach her and try to game. Why? Because with just that simple action you’ve given her what she wants – and that’s all there is to it. You’re done.
That’s why learning the signs will help you out not to fall into this trap.Let’s discuss validation more and how not to play into it.

Know What She’s After
In some of the articles published in the past, we talked in detail about the chief qualities that can make a man desirable. We suggest you re-read the Mystery Man, Always on Top, or the Secrets to Independence. All of these articles can give you an important insight into the importance of mystery and masculine values. But our best article about this has to be the Power of Ignoring. Consider this as a direct continuation of that.
So, let’s talk game. When gaming, the desire doesn’t always have to be mutual.It’s always the best option to be the one who is desired. Being thirsty for women and chasing skirts at every corner is only a bad thing for you. But,being chased will definitely help you out. And to be desired you need to play aloof. You need to be the mystery, the curious catch. Like a wrapped present that all the bitches want to explore and look into. And why are you the mystery? You didn’t give them validation. You act as if she doesn’t exist, as if she’s some unimportant passerby. Moreover, you don’t even look at her. And that, that drives her nuts. You didn’t give her what she wants. And now you are what she craves.

Always Assume Attraction
This one is a chief rule for successful men. Always assume attraction. What does it mean? You need to always be confident, always thinking that you are the sexiest, dopest, strongest motha out there. Even if you are not. Approaching conversations and situations in life with this mindset can only work in your favor. You show no weaknesses, you’re a slab of stone and confidence oozes out. And trust us, confidence is one of the sexiest things for women. Looks are nothing if you just assume that she wants you. It makes the game so much easier, not worrying about your attractiveness all the time. Just tell yourself that you’re goddamn George Clooney, and people around you will see you as one.
This rule, combined with mystery and not giving validation, will help you immensely to be desired. And once you are, you’ll know it. She’ll either approach YOU, or give signs that are clear that validation is no longer what she wants. Now, it’s the D.

We want to point you in the direction of one of our best articles that deals on the very subject of uniqueness. How a Man Can Be Unique deals directly with this and can help you immensely to reach the stage you need. Validation and female ego can be two very discouraging and time wasting things, and will often leave you disappointed. But it simply another proof that game, sharp tongue and good conversational skills, combined with charm and SMV, will help you with becoming a desired man. And when you master all those aspects, the validation trap will rarely exist for you. Because for a man that is a good catch, that trap doesn’t exist.
As always, we look forward to hearing your thoughts on the matter. Share it with us by commenting below. Do you have experiences you want to share? Tips or ideas for future articles? Comment below and let’s share ideas.

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