AWALT – The Universal Truth

During the course of our relationship here on Negromanosphere, as readers and men of similar tastes, we often discussed some central terms and themes that run through the core of most manosphere-related subcultures. We discussed SMV, the CC, beta bux, alpha widows, and many other subjects that are dealt with daily by men’s rights activists, red pill community and MGTOW too.
Today, on the menu is AWALT. This stands for “All Women Are Like That” and is one of the most commonly used abbreviations in manosphere talk. It is also one of the most spot-on, tried & tested social observations that rarely fails to miss its mark. Once you get an idea to what exactly it applies, and when you see some examples, you will quickly apply that to your own experiences and see just how true it is in the end. This is because some natural human traits can never be overcome, and they will always float to the surface, no matter what. And women today, thots especially, are simply straight up full of the most basic natural behavioral patterns, which makes it easy for any manosphere to quickly see through all of it.
Read on as we discuss this common term. You’ll quickly understand – all women are like that!

To Fit in the Mold
From nature there’s no escape. In the end of ends, some of the basic things we do in life, are directly guided by our subconscious. It’s the way things work, after all, and the way we are made as humans. This statement is the first and foremost thing we need to apply when discussing anything related to themes related to TRP. There are certain natural “rails”, and most people are just gliding along them, without much realization that their actions are actually guided from somewhere deep within.
Thots are full of their own little fantasies. Each one believes she is a special little snowflake, completely different than every other person around her, unique and unicorn-like. They believe they are saints and angels, and all the sinful shit they do is, oh well, just a labor of love. And when they’re 35 and washed out, it’s the men’s fault!
A girl that blatantly indulges in all the morally wrong things, such as hypergamy or branch swinging, riding the CC, or exploiting others, will quickly get all defensive (sometimes subconsciously) when she is met with the raw facts of her misdeeds. Yes, you know it. You probably had the same experience. And how do we know it? Repeat after us: because All Women Are Like That.

Try and See for Yourself
In part, we can only write this down to a bad combination of two things: natural behavior, and modern society. For women, this mix is a perfect background for their real natural traits to float to the surface. Society no longer condemns hypergamy, slutiness, and other decadent behavior. And with the rapid deterioration of the masculine image in the recent years, this foul brew is complete. Since a thot will undoubtedly stumble upon a “nice guy” in her eternal search for “love” (a.k.a Chad dick), her natural instincts (which are inherently slutty) will come into play. Since a “nice guy” is not an adequate mate for a thot, she will instantly branch swing in her search for an alpha male. And so on, and so on. AWALT.
When and if, a thot settles down and marries (most likely a beta bux) and when the “marital” life becomes boring (in about one month) she will quickly, and without hesitation go back to her ways of branch swinging. After all – she is a free and empowered woman!! She can have any dick she damn well pleases. Don’t you dare judge her!! /end sarcasm

After all, we can confidently say that you have at least once, in a conversation with a woman, thought to yourself: “Goddamn! AWALT is actually true.” We can’t make this shit up. Sometimes it seems like it’s all the one, same record playing under different female faces. And then it’s up to you to dance on your eyelashes and be – the perfect man. Only to be another branch in the end.
As always, your comments are appreciated. Together, we can make great input on the subject. Let us know below. Until the next time – KEEP CONQUERING!

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