Top 5 most awkward moments of 2018 in Pop culture

Let’s see a top 5 most awkward moments of 2018 in Pop culture. Which one is your favorite or least favorite? Comment below.

Drake’s secret son

Last year, we learned that Drake has a secret son that he kept hidden from us and that this should somehow make a difference to us all according to various online publications.

Pusha T’s diss track “Story Of Adidon” premiered the news while the cover for the track also featured Drake in blackface, which the OVO rapper explained was part of a photo shoot that “represented how African Americans were once wrongfully portrayed in entertainment.”

Cardi B at Nicki Minaj fight

One of the most heated situations of 2018 involved Cardi B and Nicki Minaj at the New York Fashion Week. Apparently, after Nicki made some comments about Cardi B’s daughter on social media, Cardi decided to introduce her fellow female rapper to a physical lesson.

The scuffle went viral in a matter of minutes while everyone invited at the event wondered what the hell was going on.

Dame Dash asking Lee Daniels to pay back his loan

One thing is certain after all these years, Dame Dash still holds his confrontational personality that he always displayed regardless of his surroundings.

During an event at the Hollywood Ball, Dame decided to roll up on Lee Daniels asking him why is he holding back when it comes to paying his long time multi-million dollar loan. Everyone was shocked of the encounter considering the fact that both parties were surrounded by family and friends.

Erykah Badu saying that she saw something good in Hitler

Erykah Badu might be the type of person that likes to push the boundaries on a constant basis but her statement about Hitler was bizarre, to say at least.

“I see good in everybody. I saw something good in Hitler,” said the singer before calling the Nazi Party leader a “wonderful painter”. O..kay…

Kids eating Tide pods

Probably the most enigmatic episode of 2018 when it comes to stupidity is the one related to the Tide pods mania. For no particular reason, teens began eating the small cleaning detergent recipients with hundreds of them even filming the scene and posting it on social media.

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