Basic Black Women Talk More Trash

Lately on social media I’ve been hearing about Black women talking about Black men calling them “Basic Brothas” whatever that’s supposed to mean.   Nothing new here.   Pay attention to social media platforms and it is easy to find examples of Black women going on in Black men.   Often the sistas will talk about personality traits of Black men but if one digs deeper this is just a smoke screen.   The underlying issue is that some Black women are really hard on many Black men because of their physical appearance.    When Black women call some Black men lame it’s not because of their personality or what they do or not do in life.   Many Black women are really criticizing Black men on their looks and style.   I’ve seen this in the real world.

Years ago I was at a relationship forum.  It was unique in a sense because the format was a panel of men addressing mostly a group of Black women.  At one point an older sister stood up told these men who were educated and gainfully employed that they were, “nothing.”   Many sistas consigned the woman.  Later a cool sista friend who was there told me the women felt the way they did because the men weren’t “fine.”

Now the issue of Black women judging Black men on physical appearance I’ve addressed elsewhere.   The funny thing about this particular incident was that many of the women judging these men wouldn’t be offered modeling contracts themselves.   The thought of getting phone numbers from this group of women didn’t occur to me.   Most of these women would need a makeover to get to average looking.   It’s the same thing on social media.

One of the most interesting things I’ve noticed on social media with Black women who attack Black men is that they never show their faces.   There are only a few exceptions to this rule.  Indeed many will use a model’s picture as their icon.   One thing I peeped with attractive women is that they will at least show their face.   Not with these basic Black women.   They talk more trash about Black men on social media and in real life and they are frequently butt ugly.   Even in the real world the most disagreeable Black women are ugly and out of shape.   Sometimes they have funky attitudes even when Black men try to be nice to them.   This dynamic is the exact opposite when it comes to physically attractive Black women.

Something I peeped since I was young was that the Black women who are physically attractive as a whole don’t have anything negative to say about Black men on social media and in real life.   As with everything there may be a few exceptions.  Very few though.   Indeed even if an attractive Black woman has a disagreement with Black men she will handle it using class and what someone termed “Irish Diplomacy.”   Irish Diplomacy is telling someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip.   Attractive Black women will use their femininity to get their point across.   Also the way they carry themselves Black men are more likely to show them respect even in disagreements.   Also many attractive Black women tend to be more supportive of Black men in general.

Basic Black women, the unattractive and unappealing ones hurt themselves in their efforts to put down Black men.   An old saying is that if as a woman you are fat and ugly you need to at least be nice.   Apparently many of these women didn’t get the memo.   These basic sistas may congratulate each other for some trash they are saying to brothas but really they make themselves more unattractive.

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