Basic tips for Winter Survival

There could come a time, a day and a moment when nature will offer you her ugliest face, and her toughest test so far – the winter. To fail at this important test could, in the end, prove deadly. Because, we need to agree, that temperatures below zero and harsh, inhospitable places where winter is king, are considered (with a reason) as the most difficult of all survival scenarios. This is largely due to the well attested fact that they present a variety and a malignant abundance of difficulties that a man will face – whether he has previous experience, no matter how successful. So, no matter where you find yourself – harsh winters, Polar Regions, inhospitable sub arctic – we all know: winter is a merciless dominatrix, a harsh mistress, whose incorrigible harshness knows no equal. That’s why we will try and bring to your attention a couple of important tips and hard truths when it comes to dealing and surviving in cold climates!

Know the Dangers You Face
It is of small, negligible importance if the survivor has an abundance of success and previous experiences with temperate climates and different regions, since cold, winter climates present an entirely differing set of traps, obstacles and difficulties to overcome. These obstacles and issues are many, and to affirm them, always remember their unending presence will serve as the first step in overcoming them. The next and logical step is to learn the proper way of dealing with them and finding an effective way of coexisting with the winter, rather than going against its grain.
You need to be well aware of all the possibilities, all of which have a dose of danger in them. You also must know the most important aspects on which you need to place most importance, and always deal with first. These would be, a logical conclusion for most, tasks like securing of a shelter that will protect from the elements, food and water, firewood and a fire and good winter clothing.
Without these aspects taken care of, your chances dwindle obviously. You want to do everything you can to avert your demise and by taking care of these, you will be one step closer to successfully braving your winter odyssey.
The most common threats and eliminators of successful progression onwards are these occurrences, common in harsh winter environments: heavy snowfall, low temperatures, falling well below zero at nights, icy, searing winds and blizzards.   Upon encountering any of these – progress is severely diminished and shelter and fire are necessary. Continued exposure is equal to suicide. So, remember, once the weather goes to hell, you go to shelter.
Surviving winter climates without recognizing how important heat and fire are, is no good. Every ‘pit-stop’, every night, needs to be accompanied by a roaring flame. This connects to food, water and clothing. As it will offer a chance to melt snow for water, boil the said water, heat and prepare food, as well as dry your clothes – all of which is of crucial importance. Sacrifice a portion of your time and energy before settling down, to gather enough tinder and dry fire wood to last for as long as possible.

Observe Your Surroundings
Observing your surroundings and gathering logical conclusions will have numerous benefits. The first one is that it will keep your mind on edge, always working towards a positive outcome. Apathy and lethargy are the winter’s vicious,rabid blood hounds, preying on the weak. You need to eliminate them.
The second is the chance to observe nature and the way it behaves when in the clutches of snow and ice. Snow has the peculiar trait to present things in a different light, to point some things out more clearly. Hunting is the better option for sustenance during winters, as animal tracks, pathways of small game, are much more visible in the snow, and animals tend to be more lethargic and hibernating.  Never hesitate to learn something new from literature or the experience of others. This will help you immensely when the moment comes and you have to face winter on your own.
Remember that one of the best and most important things you can do to help yourself, can be accomplished long before you even set foot into a wintery realm. This regards preparation; reading and watching others do it. Knowledge is the mother of success.

Hopefully, this article can help you realize the most obvious of the many dangers that winter has to offer. And with sufficient preparation, and even practice in milder environments, you too can venture into an icy kingdom, and although fearing, be confident in overcoming this merciless and harsh aspect of mother nature.

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