Become Unobtainable Like CJ King

Affirmative Action does not work in the dating world as we all know.

Everyone must compete to find the most suitable mate that they can possibly attract. The more attributes you acquire, the more attractive you are to other people.

However, there are ladies out there who are pouting about brothers that are braggadocios about being competent, educated, wealthy and handsome.

Those ladies are the ones that simply cannot attract this type of man.
As we talked about on an episode of the Hall of Game, these women know for a fact that high-caliber men are far from their grasp. So what do they do?

They downplay their accomplishments.

Our brother CJ King from Instagram is getting dragged through the mud simply because he boastfully announced his graduation to the world. He proclaim that he was in fact “the prize.” Instead of being acknowledged, he was rather ridiculed by others.

And you know what? That’s okay! No matter what people have to say about him, the world is his oyster.

What we can all learn from this is that we must continue to be successful in our fields and be loud about it!

This isn’t for the women, do this for you.

Whether your next goal is to earn that management position at the job or to start your own business, strive to do more.

We all have long lives to live (God willing), so it’s imperative to achieve as much as we can while we’re here on Earth.

Being unobtainable not only puts you on top of the dating food chain, but it gives you reverence and leverage over others.

More people will be inclined to pay for your advice. Less people will waste your time in senseless debates. So many people will want to be around you, but most people will weed themselves out.

Take action today and let everyone else complain. They’ll be in the same spot once you reach the top.

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