Becoming an Interesting Man

A constant conversation in social media circles and indeed in the real world is what a man needs to do to get a woman.   Usually the conversation centers on a man’s looks, his money, or his game.  There are compelling arguments for and against any of these strategies.   In my view, however, a man really needs more to hook a woman.  He needs to become an interesting man.

Looks, money, and game are ultimately lures to draw a woman to a man.   Yes each one works but they don’t necessarily seal the deal.   If a woman looks at a man and thinks he’s fine she may make it easy for him to approach but if he can’t make a connection a potential date doesn’t happen.   She will say, “He was fine until he opened his mouth.”

The same thing with money.   A man’s money and also his status may attract the woman but unless the woman is the coldest of gold diggers she will not likely go further with the man if there is no real connection.

Even with that thing called game there can be issues as most game is focused on making the initial approach to a woman.  Very little is said about making a lasting impression.   So something more is needed when connecting with a woman.   Women make a connection with men they consider interesting.

By “interesting” I mean the man has something about himself that makes the woman want to come back for more.   I’ll use the analogy of a restaurant.   Now the restaurant is in a great location, is very clean, and the staff is great.  Despite the surface appeal the thing that draws people to the restaurant is the great food.   A man may have good looks, money, and even some game.   The thing that hooks the woman is that he is interesting.

Being interesting takes many forms.  It could be something as simple as being funny.   He can always make a woman laugh.  He can have knowledge on many subjects which he is able to communicate to a woman in an entertaining way.  He can be interesting if there is something non-traditional about his lifestyle.   It can be several things.

The beauty about becoming an interesting man is that anyone can do it.   Becoming interesting is simply a matter of a man being passionate about his interests.   If a man is passionate about cars and learns everything he can about them to the point that when he talks about cars to women they get turned on sexually.   The key thing to understand is that it’s not the information about cars that’s turning the woman on.   She could probably care less.  It’s the passion that turns the woman on.   Women look for passion in a man.   This brings me to my next point.

As I stated earlier men usually think in terms of their looks, money, or game as getting them women.   To be clear these things do work.   So what about the man who has average looks, moderate income, and no real game?   Being an interesting man helps him to overcome these things.   Remember what I said.  Looks, money, and game are lures.    Being interesting to a woman is what seals the deal.   This is the reason we sometimes see an average looking man walking around with a beautiful woman.    There was something about his personality she found interesting.

My advice to any man reading this is to develop your passions.   Get a hobby or two.   Travel the world.  Learn a new language.   Have something about yourself that a woman will find interesting.


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