Being a SIMP is a Choice

Feminism Run Amok

If it’s okay, I’m going to put institutional racism on the backburner. Oh, not to worry. I have no intention of going out like a simping sucka, aka Kanye West’s latest freedom of “choice” comment on slavery.

Oh, rest assure, this guy not only simps to women but to men in power like Jay Z and President Trump. Now isn’t that an explosive combination?

On the contrary, we’ll dissect the word choice. Thus, while doing so, chop it up about feminism, the Other White Meat, and how the two have somehow intertwined.

No preaching, just teaching

Now our current situation’s called feminism run amok. If left unchecked, it not only poses a terminal effect on us straight, Red Pilled men but the nation as a whole.

See, we men have a choice in how we conduct ourselves. Unlike women, we don’t have the luxury of pretending to be naïve about being responsible for our actions. It’s drilled into our collective male psyche both socially as well as legally.

Be it through word, deed or, dare I say, an article like this, we men are held accountable. Whereas women, for the most part, just aren’t.

Doesn’t matter if it’s on the job or at the bar. When we pick up a woman, go back to either her place, our bachelor pad or our favorite rented hump spot for the evening, we’re the only ones who’ll risk prison time for merely having a dirty good time.

What? Still don’t believe me?

Look, I already know that the men who’ve been clinically diagnosed as chronic simpoholics will debunk every word I’ve typed here. And you know what? I’m cool with that.

I’m here for my Brothers, my fellow Red Pill warriors who want to grow as professionals, and not become victims of their own doing. As for you simps out there, go for it.

None of us will stop you.

Pump and dump her

Sure go ahead and tell this complete drunken, pantiless stranger that you’ve thoroughly enjoyed yourself. Now she can bounce.

“I’ve called an Uber for you,” you smirk as you zip your fly. “Hey, it’s on me.”

She’s pissed off but doesn’t show it. You know,  contrary to popular belief, a lot of females are experts at cover and concealment, thus leaving you thinking you’ve busted a good nut but getting even with you the next morning.

That’s right. She’ll lie on you with a straight innocent face with tears to boot.

So, whether it’s a first date or a long-term girlfriend, she can always yell “Rape!” Never forget that.

Likewise, just as being a responsible man is an adult choice, so is recklessly allowing ourselves to think with our d*ck. Being a simp is a choice, not a disease we’re born with.

Some high level simping

News flash: The days of so-called woman chasing are done.

For example, let’s take Fox News renewing Bill O’Reilly’s contract. Look, the man paid out $32 million to settle a sexual harassment claim but still inked the deal without a ripple or wave.

Okay, now let’s talk about Bill Cosby’s recent rape charge: Guilty without a shred of physical evidence.

Both of these men are wealthy. Both of them faced with allegations of sexual misconduct and rape, respectively.

However, getting us locked up isn’t their endgame. These lame, gardening tools want to get paid.

Now is it fair how our justice system provides a legal pipeline to grabbing money for unproven alleged acts? Of course, not. But it is what it is.

Not only have these females raped and looted rich and successful men for decades but the collective everyday common working man as well. Only now, though, they’ve got the legal precedent to back them and their lawyers up in a court of law.

Yeah, it sucks. I know.

Neither men nor women are winning here

Finally, we men can expect more women accusers to creep out of their cat urine-scented, cobwebbed hovels, seeking a civil judgment for alleged sexual assaults. And you know what? They’ll get it.

For real, for real? I can’t make this stuff up.

We’re watching our manhood be siphoned away right before our eyes. It’s a war out there.

Therefore, regardless, of whether we’re rich or poor, connected or just out there, we have to control ourselves. The onus is on us.

Sure, she’s got a fat azz BUTT (pun intended) is she worth losing your livelihood, your investments or even your freedom? Marinate on that.

You, me, we’ve got an important choice to make. Do we continue exposing ourselves like we have been? Or do we man the ph*ck up, and handle ourselves accordingly?

Because nothing angers me more than seeing one of us, especially the best of us, crash and burn in, yet, another preventable mess with something not worthy of our time: a gold-digging opportunist female out to cash in on us hard working men by any means necessary.

Oh, I can hear the ladies now. “Proof? We don’t need no stinking proof.”

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