Best DO It Yourself Projects for Men

“Do it yourself” is a perfect tagline and a perfect hobby for every man out there that cares about himself, his skills and his usefulness around his home and family. It is an understated fact that traditional, self-observant men need to also be the handyman, both for themselves and their family, taking care of problems and creating new stuff from scratch with nothing but their skills. In the end, some might say this is a perfect trait of every real man. But besides this, do it yourself projects can help you in many undeniably useful ways. They can help develop your skills with time, they can help pass time in a useful way and also help you furnish your home with unique, self made designs. Read on, as we consider some of the best do it yourself projects for men, to help spice up your man cave, furnish your apartment or help you pass the time while working on your manly skills.

  1. Rustic DIY Bookshelf –
    The classic beginners projects and one of the best crafts to test you overall skills, the bookshelf is a great project to start this list. A good collection of books is the trademark of a gentleman. Now, how you choose to display those books can also speak volumes about your style and personality. As an alternative to purchasing pre-made generic shelves, consider making your own. With a couple of purchased 2×4’s, basic tools and components, you can test your skill by building a unique bookshelf tailored to your needs and imaginings. Don’t hesitate to add a unique touch to it. Such an innovative shelf can help spice up your apartment and impress your guests and the ladies.
  2. Personal Tool Rack –
    Another important and manly addition to the list is a customized tool rack to help sort your tools and keep them all in one place and easy to find. Nobody wants a mess in their garage, where tools and materials get lost all the time and all the work gets a degree of difficulty because of it. Don’t be that guy who dwells in chaos. Instead, grab a pen and paper, design your perfect tool rack, and get to building. In no time you can have a organizer for all the tools to be at your disposal and carefully sorted. Once you complete this project, the change will be easily felt and seen.
  3. Homemade Bird Feeder –
    Considering you have a lovely yard in your home, you’ll most certainly want it to be nicely decorated, cozy and hospitable. An interesting and not so difficult project to consider is crafting your own bird feeder that you can hang from a tree in your yard, or even on your rear porch. While designs are easily found on the web, and most are easy to make with a bit of effort, a bird feeder can help liven up your home at a low cost, both in summer and in winter, as squirrels and small birds will gather to feed, livening up the place with their presence.
  4. Liquor Bottle Soap Dispenser –
    One of the most popular projects on “man cave” decoration lists, the liquor bottle soap dispenser is certainly a nifty, unique way to liven up your bathroom and add a special touch to it. For this, you’ll need an appropriate, unique liquor bottle; a Jack Daniels whisky bottle is often an example, but other stylish ones will work all the same. Simple replace the cap with a soap dispenser and fill with liquid soap and voila – you now have a unique asset in your bathroom that will certainly raise comments and start conversations.
  5. Old Wrench Coat hanger –
    This one could be considered a project more fitting for the tool shed or the garage, since the ruggedness might not fit with cozy ambience of a home, but you be the judge. Just find a few old U wrenches, bend them in a vice to the desired angle and drill a hole for a screw. What you get is a unique addition to your tool shed, garage, or room, where you can hang coats in a unique, certainly manly, way. The girls might not like it though.
  6. Steamer Trunk Coffee Table –
    The Steamer trunk coffee tables are a classic man cave project. While obtaining a vintage steamer trunk might prove costly or difficult, it certainly will look great once it is transformed into a vintage looking coffee table. Perfect for that 90’s style of bachelor New York lofts look, these trunk tables will bring a dose of nostalgia and rustic feel to your living room. A vintage look will always look good and inspire comments, so and investment in this project might prove to be a great idea in the end.
  7. Custom Made Chess –
    Chess is the game of men. Composed, intelligent, paced and strategic. Everyone should own one. But take it another step further – make your own, unique chess set. This is a great project to do in your free time over a course of time, step by step. The resulting chess set can easily impress your friends, and can also work as a display piece to put as decoration. As long as you aim for a unique, detailed design, rest assured that you will garner great comments and respect from your guests.

In the end, we hope that this short list will help give you inspiration for your next do it yourself project. Remember the benefits for yourself, your home and your stature amongst your guests. The ladies love a man who can take care of the home and build things on his own. Remember this the next time you pick up the hammer and nails!


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