The best shave for personal Grooming and how to get rid of razor bumps

For men, razor bumps are an annoying reality in achieving a close shave, or at least that is what many believe, however contrary to that belief, there is another reality to which I am sure most men will appreciate to alleviate the irritable presence of razor bumps while enjoying a close clean shave.

Step one: purchase a bar of kiss my face olive oil, .05 Fluid ounce of Aura Cacia essential oil at a whole foods store or a natural food store, and a .05 Fluid ounce of Neem oil.
Begin by boiling one gallon of distilled water in an enamel or stainless steel pot and bring it to a boil, then remove it from the stove and place it on a hand towel placed on a table so that it does not damage the surface. Using a clean body towel, add several drops of each oil into the hot water in the pot and stir it, then place the towel over your head while you make a tent over the pot to steam your face. Do this procedure at least three times, place the pot back on the stove and bring to a boil using the same method regarding the oil and towel tent procedure. After you have competed the steam process, wash your face using a loofah face pad and gently in circular motion clean your face with the olive oil soap and then rinse your face in warm water using the loofah face pad to remove the unseen soap residue, then pat the face dry.

Step Two: when shaving, take a face towel, and wet it with very hot water and quickly pat the facial areas that you will shave, then quickly lather your face with the olive oil soap, then shave carefully, let the razor glide on the face, this opens the pores, never dig in to the skin with a razor by pressing it too hard on the skins surface, this creates scaring of the skin. A Blackman’s skin is very sensitive to razors, so you must be very careful with your skin during shaving.
For a closer shave, repeat the process twice while being very careful not to press into the skin, just let it glide gently and you will achieve that nice un-scarred close shave. After the pleasant shave is completed, rinse your face with cool water and pat your face dry, then use a shea butter raw coconut oil half and half mix with a small drop of sage oil in the mixture to moisturize your skin. This will be the best shave you will ever have.

Note: make a jar of the shea butter raw coconut oil mixture so that you will have plenty on hand, also the skin pores opened by the heat of steaming, actively expand the skin tissue to rebuild and heal the skin faster, also it may be necessary to let the beard grow out for a while to allow the skin to heal during the steaming process. This method works perfectly for black men skin types. And don’t forget, never shave with foams and other artificial substances, kiss my face olive oil soap is all you will ever need. Healthy Grooming

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