Big Daddy Game

Let me drop some game.  Give you that Ism.  There are many types of methods which men will employ in the pursuit of the sweet pleasure between a woman’s legs.   I’m going to share a method that cannot be employed by young men.  A man has to grow into this level of the game.  It is only for those who have reached a level of mastery in this thing of ours we call game.   I am talking about what I refer to as Big Daddy game.

Let Uncle Rom tell you a story.  My Grandfather was a Mack.  Every week I would go over his house and there would be a different woman over there.   I got used to simply referring to these women as “Ma’am” as it was easier than trying to remember their names.  Years after my Grandfather transitioned I met one of his running buddies at a gym.   Now this guy was maybe in his sixties when I met him.  Sixties and overweight.   Since he was like family we would talk about many things and developed a good friendship.    One day in the gym I noticed he had a big passion mark on his neck.   I asked him about it.  He non-chalantly stated that a “young girl in her twenties” gave it to him.   It wasn’t a small mark either.  My man looked like he was attacked by a vacuum cleaner hose.   So why would a woman in her twenties leave a passion mark on an overweight man in his sixties?   The man had that Big Daddy Game.

Understand a deep thing with many women.  They have daddy issues.  Daddy either wasn’t around or if he was around he didn’t pay enough attention to her.   What happens is that this creates in the girl child a deep longing for a father figure.   Now because this longing was created before puberty the girl child will not be able to differentiate between a paternal desire for a father figure and a sexual desire for a regular man.   Sometimes this desire is transferred to a young male close in age to the female.   In some cases it is not.   This is where Big Daddy Game comes into play.

Many women will grow into adulthood looking for that father figure.  Contrary to popular belief this is why many younger women will deal with an older man.   Money is not always a factor.   Many women are still a little girl who needs Daddy’s guidance.  It’s a factor in how Pimps are able to control women.   That’s why prostitutes will call their Pimp, “Daddy.”  It’s where the term Mack Daddy comes from.   There was a trend a year or so ago where young women said they were turned on by men with “Dad Bods.”   It wasn’t really the body itself but what the body represented.   Dad Bods give off a paternal aura.

To run Big Daddy game a man has to give off an air of wisdom first and foremost.   He has to look competent.  The woman looking for a Big Daddy wants guidance.   He doesn’t necessarily have to look like he has status or money.  The young woman isn’t looking for those things.   The Big Daddy needs to look like he has paternal instincts and that he would generally care for the wellbeing of the young woman.   Physically the Big Daddy needs to be in decent shape.   He doesn’t need to be super-muscular as the young woman is looking more at the emotional aspect of the man.  That being said, the panties come off sooner if the man has a nice body for his age.

Big Daddy Game is good for men getting back into the game after a long marriage or relationship.   Many young women grew up without a strong father figure and as a result still need the paternal guidance.   It’s a buyer’s market for the Big Daddy.

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