And the Simps Who Worship Them

You know what? There’s a video going around on Facebook—oh, since day one of February 2018—promoting a positive message to us Black men from, yes, an actual positive Black woman.

Six The Goddis, is an online host who talks about feminism, among other topics, without dogging us.

Shocking. Yeah, I know, right?

Pardon me while I wipe away these unicorn tears. Thank you.

Anyway, after watching, listening to this copper colored, lovely dreadlock-wearing Sistah compliment us on being strong, take-charge leaders within our respective communities (I refuse to use the term hood in this blog), her trademark phrase “I see you, Black man,” warmed my soul.

The predictable storm

However, with every so-called perfect sunny moment comes the predictable storm that’ll often obliterate our peace of mind. Case in point, I was neither surprised nor shocked at the collective female reaction within the comment section:

“I feel like everyone is saying she’s rare. Why because she matches your standards of beauty along with her sentiment? Sistas like this are everywhere! Just may not be as Attractive.”

“What’s to acknowledge tho? That black men work and take care of their children like most adults do? We really need to raise the standards because the bar has been set too low if we got to throw parties for basic things.”

“Queens like what? Listen u can tell she has issues already with her whole chest hanging out for attention really? Come on now.”

But hold up, though, Brothers, there’s more to this than just the usual bitter female chain reaction to anything positive promoted for us STRAIGHT Black men on social media. As usual, here comes the spineless dudes, aka simpoholics, with their pink capes flapping in the wind, coming to their aid:

“Thirst is real, some people do things for attention and she could of said this without her tiddies out[they actually weren’t but that’s subjective]. Sex sells, and she wasn’t just selling a feel good message to black men.”


“Most black women that look like her don’t notice a black man unless he’s perfect in looks and got money.”

“You SEE us but what kind of dude is YOUR man? Is he the type you claim in your video is one who deserves to be appreciated? Or is he a thug/pretty boy/baller-baller?”

Bitter-to-the-bone females

Now guess what? There’s women who constantly hate on feminine women who honestly support us hard working Black men.

Well, it obviously seems that way, now doesn’t it?

And then, there’s apologetic males, who ignore their ph*ckery in hopes of gaining a few pussy points from these bitter whores. Yes, that’s what they are, because they know damn well that the only reason they’re mad hurt is of physical beauty. Or lack of it. So, hell, yeah, of course, they are pissed off!

Okay, right about now, most of us progressive slash moderately-conservative Black men are asking ourselves, “What is a grown-azz man to do?” I mean, c’mon, in the eyes of these miserable chicks, we can’t even get a bona fide compliment from a woman, let alone, a fine-azz one.

How do we carry on

Which brings us to the subject matter at hand: How do we carry on in the midst of these bitter whores and the simps who worship them?

Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking. “What the ph*ck, Marcus? I’m too busy on my grind to come up to be worried about these type of females.”

True as that may be, I’ve still got to ask, though. It’s like that famous line from The Godfather III, “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.”

Just when I THINK we’re becoming more successful in an array business ventures (for example, this fine publication), watch out now for the torpedoes propelling towards us in an ocean of fear, anger and resentment. And it’s gotten worst with the Internet, a lil’ ole place where the losers in this game of life can safely vent the frustration of their poor life choices upon us whom have made better choices.

To say that we’re suffering from the ongoing bombardment of negative press on a global level would be an understatement. Okay, perhaps “suffering” is a bit too much of a victim mentality to possess.

How about dealing with the usual anti-Black man, feminist bullsh*t? Sound better?

Fine. We’ll go with that.

There’s a solution to this problem

However, I refuse to just type away our plight as men via my laptop. As the eternal optimist I’m proud to be, I truly believe—no, I know that there’s a solution to this problem.

What is it, you ask? Simple but a challenge to accomplish: Stay on point.

To effectively combat this war, we’re going to have to treat each verbal battle, each bloody character assault with everything in our intellectual arsenal. We’re going to have to win this campaign as if our very lives depend on it.

Because, gents, it does. Stay up and keep pushing towards whatever our goals are.

And if it means ignoring this enemy, then that’s exactly what we’ll do. Put ‘em on iggy.

So, the next time one of them gets in your face with that feminist bullsh*t, just say to yourself, “Hey, I’ve got money in the bank, mad investments gaining more each day and a valid passport to boot.”

What I’m saying is, don’t allow anyone, especially this select group of bitter women—oops, I meant whores— and the sorry-azz simps who cuck for their acceptance, to prevent any of us from our game plan.

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Marcus love is a published author. You can scoop up his most recent Broke and Ashy urban eNovella series at an Amazon Kindle near you.


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  1. *yarn!* Most black men have checked out for good and no BW can convince him either way. I don’t really care if they find black men desirable or not because last I checked BW are dead last in the female dating pool. How many men have ran through this chick? Is she a single mother? etc. Women are starting to see their slaves leave the plantation and are virtue signally to bring men back to the table. i’m done, yes I will sex BW, commitment? Hell No!

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