Bitter Women Make The World A Terrible Place

If the energy generated from bitterness could be channeled into making electricity in Nigeria, maybe one of the things we would be begging our government to implement would exclude steady power supply. All charged anger against men in general or a selected harmless few would have also created jobs and enabled a better world. But the world is not fair enough yet and so we are wrapped in darkness and blessed with a coalition of constantly enraged women who could just address their source of despair and allow the world to become such a great place. But again, how unfortunate some of us have become!

Bitter people generally project bitterness to the world. If I hadn’t understood the process of total solar eclipse, I would have argued that the generated amount of bitterness has been what knocks out light and leave earth is total darkness. I am personally convinced that imbalance in knowledge leads people to be quick to call out and mismanage crisis, where it does exists. In learning, you learn everything – of both worlds. You learn how to tolerate people who are different from you. You learn how to live in peace with them even when you don’t totally agree with their views. You learn how to make the world function and still keep to your own world and become your hero.

Last night, in my happy mood, I got a tweet directed at me from a friend who felt that I might know those who needed the information the original tweet carried. I received it. It was for the women of my ethnic group. They were to send DM to the twitter user. The message did not state while they were to send such information and what were needed, aside being from by ethnic group and being female. Before I asked the relevant questions that my organization could use, I re-tweeted the message with all excitement. I later went back to the user, a woman and asked in a simple term while using the courtesy ‘dear’ to ask for more information. Our dear bitter fighter cropped the word ‘dear’ and ignored the essence of the tweet and came to lecture me on the usage of the word – how it should not be used on her. And her Royal Lowness did not bother to answer the question asked because enwrapped in her ignorance and bitterness to school a man, she threw caution to the wind. When I responded that words such as ‘dear’, which were used in formal occasions, including letter writing, was used to ease tension and since they did not seek gratification and were used on first time basis, it could be ignored. The Bitter One did not care; she blocked me and sent her minions after me. Such madness!

Because when men are not educated they cower at every small appearance of nazi-feministic approaches, and genuine activism dies; empowered, this woman felt she had met someone she could silence and kick off usefulness. And I wish she had stood her ground for debate so I may help her dust her brain and if insults were available, I’d serve it as dinner to her in her tweet palace but she ran. And thanks to Twitter, I blocked her silliness too. 

I know that there are genuine fighters who have identified places in the society that needs to be fixed but the armchair bitterness induced women with a couple of access to power are quick to label things, harmless gestures and fume over how men have been more Satan since Lucifer arrived earth in Prada.  If bitterness against men is channeled into the sciences and arts and timeless works are created, it would be most splendid. We would be doing earth more good by making it better than when we met it. But it is a war and men, irrespective of their intentions and goodwill, are the villains who must be taught lessons and taunted and tossed to the wind as sacrificial objects. 

Men should not be at the receiving end of bitterness. No woman should be at the receiving end of bitterness either.  There is a possibility of a collective greater good if we are united to find cure to the diseases that plague us, and the hunger that may drive parts of earth dwellers into extinction. If we solve these issues one after the other, we would not have sleepless nights over what word was used in a sentence while addressing us.

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