Black Churches Today Are Simply Bread And Circus, Monkey Show, Entertainment Centers

Minstrelism At Its Finest

To be honest the black church today is the epitome of bread and circus entertainment and monkey show theatrics, the majority of modern-day black churches operate in complete dysfunction and chaos, even though the pastor and his parishioners would have you believe that the crazy behaviour that you witness taking place is normal. It is not normal to jump up and down like a hyperactive child and run around the church building like a headless chicken, since when did this type of behaviour become acceptable in church? Well, according to these modern-day tumbling black temples of dishonour and decadence, these actions we are told are part of giving praise to the Most High and demonstrating your love towards him.

What is funny is the fact that if the people participating in this madness really “love God” as they claim, they would simply carry out the instructions given by him. There are so many times in the new testament where Paul the apostle reprimands certain churches for their disorderly conduct. Top on the list was the fact that it was mostly the women of these churches who were running amuck and turning what was supposed to be a time of edification into an animals loose on the farm type of situation. This is the reason why Paul wrote that women should learn in silence and be obedient(1 Corinthians 14:34), he witnessed first hand what can take place when women in the church are not kept in check and step out of line.

Now some people at this point would immediately turn around and attempt to label me as sexist, however let us deal with the facts here and remove the emotions from the equation. I challenge you to do your own research on this issue, go onto YouTube, search the terms “wild praise and worship” or “churches gone wild” and you tell me who are the main guilty culprits in the building behaving like wild animals. In fact please check out the following links below as a sample of what I am talking about:

This is commonly the type of minstrelism and bread and circus mad hatter buffoonery that takes place in the overwhelming majority of black churches today, of course when Paul wrote his instructions regarding how the women in the church should conduct themselves, there was no such accusation as “sexist” being touted at the time, folks simply agreed or disagreed with what was being stated without the need to resort to name calling and slogan slinging. What you have seen in the above links is one of the fundamental reasons why the Most High is taking down these churches both great and small, from the Pentecostal failures to the Anglican and Roman Catholic tragedies.

The minstrel shows that take place in the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches are more laid back and mellow, nonetheless they are still entertainment centers even if the bread and circus gimmicks are not as lively and upbeat as those taking place within the black church:

None of the examples above are how a person should connect with the Most High, as I have stated time and time again as well as in my church beast book, your walk with the Most High is an individual walk, it has nothing to do with anybody else. The only people who should be dictating how you ought to interact and connect with the Most High is yourself and Him. All of these churches however recognise the vulnerability and the uncertainty that many people experience in dealing with the spiritual, therefore like hovering buzzards the institutional church beast system swoops in on the unsuspecting and presents you with a path that favours it and its various church beast branches, not yourself.

Most people are beginning to see the institutional black church for what it is, again I encourage folks to walk away from all of these churches regardless of the denomination and establish a true personal relationship with the Most High under your own capacity. You do not have to endure the mundane boring ritualistic church programs of the Anglican/Roman Catholic sects, neither are you obligated to subject yourself to the brain numbing, high decibel, crazy antics that take place within the Pentecostal/Baptist/Apostolic/Seventh Day Adventist church beast branches. There is no faith involved in attending a church service, the Most High is looking for true soldiers, those who are willing to step out of the provided comfort zone of the Institutional Church Beast Infrastructure and instead place their trust in him.

Yes, I am advising folks especially black men to walk away from these institutional churches, they are dead, they serve no purpose to the people around them, the leaders of these crumbling failures do not care about their congregation members, they are only in the church game to serve themselves, the state of the communities surrounding these churches are a clear indication that this is the reality. Crumbling schools, decaying streets, crime infested neighbourhoods, shut down and boarded up businesses, homeless men and women, misguided youth, these are just some of the issues that you would expect the churches in the areas concerned to deal with, however these same churches who claim to be for the people seldom lift a finger to help them, a crying shame indeed.

Black men, know that black women as long as they are able to will continue to fund and thus enable these scandalous, money hungry, pestilent pastors, through the black woman’s stupidity these clerics will continue living a high on the hog lifestyle. You have to understand the deal that black women have struck with church leadership, in exchange for their unlimited funding black women are free to do what they want when they want within the church building, that would include getting bent over the office table by the pastor or one of his ushers by the way.

Black women have single-handedly introduced a spirit of harlotry into these entertainment centers, this is why they wear the same clothes as they would going to the club and this is why they have no problems hitching up their skirts and pulling their knickers/thong to the side whenever required. At anytime this modern day-day black female is ready to be penetrated by a penis, the location matters not, church buildings are not off-limits either. This is why many of these women willingly get dicked down by the pastor, because of the “special deal” they both have in place black women now see these pastors as higher authorities above their husbands/boyfriends.

Black men, stay away from these church going black women, they are typically some of the worst culprits when it comes down to sexual immorality. I cannot count the amount of times I have heard black men talk about church attending black women being ultra nasty freaks in the bedroom. If you have a girlfriend or wife who attends one of these crumbling towers then you had better keep a close watch on her because chances are the pastor is eyeing her in order to bend her over the couch at his and her earliest convenience.

Be sure to check out my book The Institutional Church Beast Infrastructure where I deal with all of this slackness occurring within the church, black churches especially and more. I also have a chapter dealing with the black church in my second book Negro Wars.

Babatunde Umanah

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