The Rise of Black ‘Incels’ and Angry, Bitter Misogynists

In the 21st Century, more and more Black men feel romantically undesirable and sexually frustrated; Consequently, some of these men suffer from depression while many others begin to direct anger and bitterness toward the Black women in their lives who they feel have unfairly rejected them, ignored them, belittled them, or verbally abused them

When you are out In public, it is fairly easy for you to display a disingenuous façade that everything is ‘okay’ in your life, and very little bothers you.

Conversely, once you come back home to your lonely apartment … particularly on a late afternoon or early evening on a Friday … the real you will slowly but surely begin to rise to the surface.

Deep down, you feel the Red Pill Rage each and every day, even if your coworkers and business colleagues cannot sense it from you.

You envy those men who had the pleasure of having a great relationship with their biological father.  A father with a strong presence in the household.  In your case, your father was consistently verbally abused and disrespected by your controlling and overbearing mother, or worse, there was no male figure in your household at all.

You envy those men who you feel ‘hit the genetic lottery’ and have the looks of Boris Kodjoe, the athletic talents of Klay Thompson, the confidence and seductive charm of Idris Elba, and the well-endowed manhood of Lexington Steele.

You painfully play back the horrible memories of being bullied by many of your classmates and bigger kids in your neighborhood.  You did not have any close friends or an older brother to look after you or protect you.

Many of the girls in your middle school and high school either completely ignored you, or made fun of you and referred to you with labels such as ‘geek’ or ‘nerd.’  Some of the guys even referred to you as a ‘loser.’


Many people in your life, including your mother, led you to believe that if you made straight As in high school and college, and earned your degree, the women would be knocking down your door once they found out that you were now earning anywhere from $50,000 – $90,000 per year.

Yet, to this day … no knocks at your door from high quality, highly desirable women.

Some women agreed to accompany you on a lunch date, dinner date, or movie date, but there was no opportunity to make out with them or exchange orgasms with them at the end of the date.  Many times, these women who feigned interest in you did not even allow you to tongue kiss them as the first or second date was brought to a close.  Even after you generously spent all that money on an expensive dinner for these women at a five-star restaurant.

Sure, you were able to lose your virginity to a street prostitute, a professional Call Girl, or an upscale Erotic Escort.  The problem is, once you experienced an ejaculatory orgasm, you still found yourself feeling empty inside.  Deep down, you knew that this pay-for-play sex worker was not genuinely attracted to you physically or sexually, but rather she was just trying to earn a living by taking advantage of the sexual desperation and financial generosity of another trick.


Welcome to the world of the men now commonly known as incels.  More specifically, Black incels.  Many of these men are virgins, while others – as alluded to above – have only been able to experience sexual enjoyment and satisfaction exclusively with street prostitutes, professional Call Girls, and/or upscale Erotic Escorts as opposed to being sexually active with a long-term girlfriend or casual sex lover for free.

When it comes to women enthusiastically and voluntarily choosing to engage in sexual relations with these men for free … their sex life is non-existent.  These men are “involuntarily celibate,” which is where the term incel is derived from.

There used to be a popular message board titled that was full of incels from various cities, countries, and racial and ethnic backgrounds.  Then, one of the more violent incels from the message board – Elliot Rodger – went on a mass murdering spree in Santa Barbara, California, and a few weeks later, was gone.

The problem with the Attraction & Seduction Community, also known as the ‘Pickup Artist Community’ or simply the ‘Seduction Community,’ is that many deceptive and money hungry pickup artists (PUAs) and dating coaches led many of these incels to believe that if they attended a Thursday-thru-Sunday bootcamp or listened to a wide variety of CDs and watched a wide variety of ‘in-the-field videos’ or DVDs, that all of their romantic and sexual frustrations would be solved virtually overnight.  Sadly, many of these incels spent anywhere from $1,000 to $5000 or more only to realize that they had been duped by a snake oil salesman with clever and manipulative marketing.


As far back as 1997, I predicted that society would experience an increase in romantically and sexually frustrated Beta males.  In my original book, Mode One: Let the Women Know What You’re REALLY Thinking, I had a chapter on what I categorized as Mode Four Sexual Frustration & Bitter Misogyny.

For clarification, not all men who are incels are necessarily angry and bitter misogynists.  Many incels tend to be self-loathing and depressed rather than angry, bitter, and resentful toward women.  Conversely, there are some men who are neither virgins nor incels that maintain a high degree of anger, bitterness, resentment, and even downright hatred toward women.

The reason why many men find themselves literally despising and hating women is because they feel that most women today are way too promiscuous, too hypergamous, too sexually duplicitous, way too manipulative, too bossy and controlling, and just generally too argumentative and hard to get along with.  Initially, you had many men in society who were guilty of what is referred to as ‘Blue Pill‘ thinking, but now that these men are ‘Red Pill Aware,’ anger and bitterness has replaced the desire for long-term romantic relationships and marital bliss.

The truth of the matter is simple:  the vast majority of women want the sexual companionship of the men who they feel that many other women want.  Period.  In the same when it comes to finances, many people will argue that ‘the more money you have, the more opportunities for even greater wealth will come your way’ … the same thing can generally be said for men who are extremely popular with women (i.e., the more sexual attention that these ladies’ men and womanizers receive from women, the more opportunities for even more sexual attention and companionship from various women will come their way).


One suggestion that has been thrown around is the idea of “enforced monogamy.”  The reality is, this would never work.  As long as feminism is thriving, abortion is legal, and women have access to all sorts of birth control methods, the idea of the government ‘forcing’ men and women to engage in strictly monogamous sexual behavior is delusional at best.

Arguably, the number one issue that most incels must accept is that a man’s looks and sex appeal does indeed matter.  Some men foolishly believe that if they simply have wealth, fame, career success, and/or power & influence, that their physical appearance, body language, or verbal communication skills is of secondary importance, or is totally irrelevant.  WRONG.

Similarly, the biggest issue that the men who are angry, bitter misogynists need to come to grips with is that in a civilized society, men cannot ‘force’ women to be less manipulative, less promiscuous, less sexually duplicitous, less materialistic, and less hypergamous.   Women are who they are.  The vast majority of women are never going to return to the socially-programmed behavior that they exhibited for most of the 19th Century and for the first four or five decades of the 20th Century.  In today’s society, women want a number of different men in their lives to fulfill a wide variety of their self-serving needs.

If I have any suggestion, it would be for men to stop excessively flattering women; stop treating women who they are not actively engaged in sexual relations with to free meals, free movies, and free concerts; and to stop allowing themselves to maintain disingenuous platonic friendships with women who they really want to date, marry, or engage in multiple episodes of short-term non-monogamous ‘casual’ sex with.

All men should only concern themselves with what they have direct control over, and that is how they choose to behave toward women … and how they choose to allow women to behave toward them.

Anything else is representative of unnecessary worry and incessant ‘whining & complaining’ (quick tip:  no woman on planet Earth finds whining & complaining by a man to be ‘appealing’ or ‘sexy’).

Men, keep this in mind as you navigate your way in the ever-so-challenging dating scene of the 21st Century.

Senior writer Alan Roger Currie was recently named the 2017 Charles Tyler Freelance Writer & Columnist of the Year for the, and he was also named the’s 2017 Best Dating Coach for Men on YouTube and 2017 Black Male YouTube Personality of the Year. More about Alan Roger Currie can be found on; Visit Currie’s main website to find out more about his Email consultations, Skype & Telephone consultations, and One-on-One / Face-to-Face Coaching sessions. Currie also has an active YouTube channel where he offers his own unique brand of knowledge, wisdom, insight, and general advice related to dating and relationships. If you are a single heterosexual man, and you want advice on how to develop the confidence and courage to be more upfront, specific and straightforwardly honest about your sexual desires, interests, and intentions with women, check out Currie’s eBooks, paperbacks, and audiobooks. Currie has been a featured speaker at many dating advice workshops for men in the United States as well as internationally. Currie was the first African-American to be a featured speaker at The 21 Convention and will be a featured speaker again this year in October in Orlando, Florida. If you want to become a subscriber of Dating Coach Alan Roger Currie, CLICK HERE

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