Black Men Deserved To Be Treated RIGHT!

I’ve been watching Chris Rock’s Everybody Hates Chris again. I don’t like series. I don’t like things that bring me back to it. I love to watch a feature film and move on with my life. I don’t like returning or anticipating the next move of a film. I don’t feel we have such luxury on earth. Or maybe others do but I don’t. And this has to be the reason I am not a fan of GOT. Everyone on my Facebook timeline talks about Game of Thrones and I look at them like lesser beings.


But one thing I know that the Chris Rock series do is to sell the idea of what has been published severally on this platform as simping. While I may not have issues with what works for different men, I have issues with ideologies that are one sided and sold on a global platform, especially using art. The idea that says: don’t treat this person wrong because this person is female. Not like: don’t treat this person wrong because she is human too and because she did not do you wrong.


In one of the episodes of Chris’ show, Drew is told to not treat women wrong. This admonition is given with all solemnity. You could hear the angels singing when it was said. I could hear trains screeching to a halt and birds freezing their wings just to give it adequate quiet to sink in. What a spectacular and profound wise word but no one should be treated wrongly! If a woman deserves to be treated wrongly because she did something wrong to someone then that’s a price for being wrong. You cannot give her preferential treatment solely because she is a woman. This is wrong. We are taught this everyday around here and it hurts the mind.


We are humans. And for those of us who are Christians, we were created in the image of God. Anyone can read interpretations to the bible and says one man is gotten from the rib of the other, whether it is figurative or some documented history, my standpoint is that – treat humans nicely, except when they treat you badly and you need to show them a piece of same treatment that was given to you, to drive home a point. We are all unique like that, capable of good and evil, fire and water.


In the Everybody Hates Chris, Tania is coldhearted. She treats her elder siblings with some cockiness that requires adequate spanking for corrections. I visualized a Nigerian scenario while watching – a mum extending a fine slap across the table just to register the idea that being disrespectful is wrong. Even their mum, she is a queen of some absurdity. She is the definition of assertiveness. She is right because everyone is wrong. She is right because she says so and she has to be appeased. And quite often, she threatens Julius with leaving him alone to his children.


I understand that the show may be a satire of America, of the black man, the black family, the need to keep multiple jobs, to be prudent, to go to school, the black neighborhood and all that thrives around the black community but I also feel that the show sells more of what America believes as the fault in the star of the man. We are at the mercy of women. How amazing!  


I believe that you should treat people according to how you’d love to be treated – there is not golden rule that beats that one. I am sure that the good book shared some of that good news too. You should not sink into depression because a system has ordered you to be scared of expressing yourself against what isn’t right – what isn’t politically correct. If there is gender mistreatment against the male folks, the men have a right to cry out and be listened to and actions taken to give them fair hearing. The idea that a man ought to be a man and swallow pain by the woman ought to be treated as garbage. Pay attention to humans and take seriously issues that surround humanity irrespective of gender.  It is awkward to be insensitive to male folks. You breed hate and this hate is stored in the system and when it is full to its brim, it becomes violence and violence has to be avoid at all cost.

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