Why Black Men Are Disenfranchised With The Black Church

Years ago when I lived in Atlanta, I noticed that there seemed to be more billboards advertising this church or that than any other business out there. Sure, there was the occasional ad for a plumber or some sort of service or goods but the majority of of advertisements were for churches.

At that time I figured out that religion, at least in this city, wasn’t really a religion…it was an industry. Black men have figured this out as well as their numbers in these establishments are dwindling daily. The hard truth is that brothers have become disenfranchised with the black church. There are many reasons why but rather than getting into all the psychological (which are legit) reasons, I’ll talk about a few very simple ones that started the Proverbial (pun intended) fire that’s resulted in a mass Exodus (pun, again, intended) from the black church

Black churches are nothing more than money hustles

I’ll never forget a conversation I had with a guy I was working with at a warehouse in McDonough (just outside the ATL). We were talking about some church his girl had talked him into trying. He obliged but it took just one service for them to decide to get the fuck outta dodge. The reasons all had to do with money.

He told me when they walked into this palatial building they called a church there were 2 ATM machines in the lobby. When service started, the pastor started talking about some project they needed money for. Before the sermon began, the deacons passed the collection plate around. My friend and his girlfriend filled out the new parishioner card and dropped it in the plate which was filled to the brim with cash and checks.

He said the sermon was great and the people seemed alright but that Tuesday they got a phone call from someone working at the church call center asking them why they hadn’t tithed that week and when to expect last year’s W-2presumably to accurately calculate their weekly tithe. It was clear that this church demanded money from them at every turn and facilitated their compliance from start to finish. He and his girl never returned to that church.

This took it a step too far

This sort of thing is off putting to people anyway, regardless of race, but the prevalence of these money grabs is much more pronounced in black churches and there’s little effort to cloak their intentions. You hear about pastors in that area like the recently deceased Eddie Long and Creflo Dollar who own(ed) castles for homes and more luxury cars than a dealership who’s net worths are into the 7 and 8 figures on a regular basis out there. They build their wealth on the backs of the black community and black men are tired of financing the luxurious lives these guys live.

Yes, money is necessary to keep a church afloat but when a pastor’s net worth is near $30 million, that tends to rub black men the wrong way…especially every day brothers who drive forklifts and live a comparatively modest lifestyle. At the end of the day black men are being hustled by preachers in the name of God and they’re pissed off about it.

Black preachers fuck wives and girlfriends on the regular

A woman’s true nature will always drive her to consolidate on the highest value males available to her (defined as hypergamy in “manosphere-ese”) It’s not good, it’s not bad, it just is. It’s how women are wired. Similar to the way men are wired to fuck as many pretty girls that are available to us.

Black pastors are rich, charismatic, they definitely have status, and a measure of celebrity within the confines of their communities. As a result, they’re crushing more pussy than even your highest skilled players on the street. Their congregations are brimming with females who salivate over the idea of being in their presence and they soak their panties if they actually get a handshake or a simple “hello” from them in the post service commingling.

At that point all it takes for a pastor is to make a few moves and the next thing you know his cock is balls deep in all her holes. And because many women who attend said church aren’t single, the pastor ends up fucking the wives and girlfriends of black men.

Dudes aren’t trying to expose their women and their relationships to that kind of risk and as a result they’re staying away.

All the fake shit going on

We see the shenanigans that go on in black churches on television all the time. “Paralyzed” people being wheeled onto the stage where the pastor touches him or her on the head and they’re suddenly able to get up and start break dancing like Michael Jackson with everyone looking on in amazement as if that entire scene wasn’t staged the night before. Speaking in tongues is another ridiculous charade these black churches engage in to show everyone they’re “feeling the spirit.”

Nobody believes this shit is real…

Black men are a lot of things. Stupid isn’t one of them. Anyone with half a brain knows that someone sitting next to them shaking like a leaf with their eyes rolled back mumbling some sort of gibberish isn’t feeling anything outside of the sweat in their armpits. The fact that we’re expected to join in or at the very least believe that what we’re seeing is some sort of miracle or supernatural occurrence is an insult to our collective intelligence.

Black women don’t buy that shit either but the hive-minded tendencies they have don’t allow them to stay away nor does it allow them to vocalize that they’re wise to what’s happening. Black men have enough counterfeit shit to sift through on a daily basis. Dealing with it at church isn’t worth it anymore.

Is there change in sight?

Hell no (sorry guys, can’t help myself…pun intended again). So long as money, status, power, influence, and women are the rewards for becoming the preacher of a megachurch in the black community, these guys are going to continue to pop up and continue the cycle of pastors who amass great wealth and fuck whatever females they want to in their congregations.

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