Black Men Have to Stop Allowing Women to Divide Them

Black men in America and indeed all over the world face many obstacles.  Whether it’s competition from non-Black men, Black women vying for control, or institutional racism there are many problems.   The solution to many of these problems would be to come together in at least operational unity.   Unfortunately instead of coming together there are too many instances of Black men having conflict with each other over seeming philosophical differences.

These conflicts can be seen as street dudes vs. educated men, light skin men vs dark skin men, and even liberals vs. conservatives.   Despite all the philosophical conflicts it has been my observation that an underlying conflict divides many brothas.   The conflict is over women.   Though many may say that it is really ideological differences, sometimes that is merely a smokescreen for the real issue.   The issue is the man with whom Big Booty Brenda will choose to share her ample gifts.   I’ll give the most prevalent example.   The whole Pookie and Ray Ray discussion.

People know I have to bring these guys up in an article or video at least once a month.

A major philosophical conflict is between the street dudes collectively known as Pookie and Ray Ray and the educated men derisively called at times, educated lames.   Now many educated men will say that the problem with the street dudes is not that they are getting attention from certain women but rather that these men are destroying the Black community.    I find that interesting since many of the educated men have not interacted with the Black community since they graduated high school.   Also many of these same educated men don’t make any attempts to make things better in the “hood.”   Another thing is that many of the same educated men who talk about the street dudes rarely encounter them on a consistent basis.   So what is the real issue?

The issue is women.   There is the perception that the street dudes are not only getting most of the women but the best women.   One thing with men of any race is that once they get an education and some status they expect to be the top dog and thus get their choice of the best women.   Now there is some truth that some street dudes get the best women but many educated men do as well.

The issue, however, is not who is getting the women.  The issue is that these two groups of men are allowing women to cause a conflict between men who need to be working together.   When it comes to women what Black men have to realize is that by not competing with other is actually the best course to take.   A collective group of Black men standing together to build some things works in everyone’s benefit.

The bigger issue is that while street dudes and educated men are going at each other, or any other group of Black men for that matter, collectively we are still catching hell.   A reality is that educated Black men get profiled the same way as a street dude.   The reality is that while the street dude can get fired from a warehouse job for something minor the educated man can get fired from a corporate job for something just as minor.   Truthfully both would be called negative things for not having a job by many of our sisters.   The same ones people are really fighting over.

Conflicts between men with philosophical differences are inevitable.   To some extent they may be necessary because where there are ideological differences a solution can be found after constructive dialogue.   Conflict in order to solve a problem is a good thing.  Conflict over a woman’s choices are not good.   In this environment Black men cannot allow a woman’s choices to divide them.   We have bigger fish to fry.


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