Why Black Men need to quit hating on Derrick Jaxn

Most of the black community are well aware of Derrick Jaxn, who he is, and what he represents. For those of you a little late to the party, let me give you the Reader’s Digest version: Derrick Jaxn is an internet personality who focuses on uplifting black women, while denigrating black men.

That’s about the size of it. There’s nothing profound or special about what he does, only that he’s a strong advocate of black women and a strong opponent of black men. His signature piece, Single Moms are for Grown Men Only drew a lot of attention, mostly positive

Predictably, black single mothers and simps hailed its release. Here are some of the reviews:

“I really want to thank you for this book. It brought out so many points that I needed to realize as a single mother. As I continue to love myself I will try harder to keep an open mind that my GROWN MAN is out there.”

“Mr. Jaxn… should be commended for his courage to speak honestly about single mothers and add common sense back into the conversation.”

“I would definitely recommend this book to newly single mothers it touches on many of the things you go through.”

To be fair, you would expect single mothers to give this book rave reviews. After all, who would disparage something written about the in a positive light? By the same token, you would also expect simps to fall in line with their programming and cosign on this book as well.

But for all of Derrick Jaxn’s accolades, there is a swelling under current of dissent…most notably with black men:

Even black women have started jumping on the hate on Derrick Jaxn train:

While people who create videos exposing Derrick Jaxn as a “fraud” I would submit to you that if you believe that Derrick Jaxn believes what he talks about then he has you fooled.

Derrick Jaxn is a good looking brother. And good looking men have options. Men who look like Derrick Jaxn ain’t checkin’ for black single mothers. They just aren’t. Why put up with self righteous, entitled, spoiled bitches with 4 baby daddies when you can fuck with white girls with none of that baggage? It appears Derrick Jaxn is well aware of his sexual market value and proof of this is all over the internet.

All of that said, hating on him makes you look weak, stupid, and inadequate. The droves of black women who adore him are always quick to point out that men who put out scathing remarks against him are envious of him and I concur 100%.

“Okay Donovan, we get it. But why should we stop talking shit about a man who talks shit about us? Why shouldn’t we call him out for lying to black women, and making them worse for black men?”

The answer to this is very simple:

Derrick Jaxn is simply exploiting black women

Nigga please…..

Derrick Jaxn is a smart man. And a solid businessman to boot. He recognized that his good looks, combined with telling a group of women what they want to hear would create a life changing financial windfall. We can call him a sellout, we can call him a simp, we can call him a coon, we can call him whatever we want. The fact of the matter is that he doesn’t give a shit because he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

He’s damaging black women by the hour with his act but he doesn’t care. He’s making $50,000 a month. Why should he? If they’re dumb enough to buy his books, watch his videos, and buy into what he’s talking about why would he not take the payday?

We can all sit here and say “Well I would never sell out like that nigga! I’d keep it 100 and keep it moving!” But not all of us would follow through. If you’re a good looking black man and see the life Derrick Jaxn lives, you can’t say unequivocally that you wouldn’t, at the very least, consider selling a piece of your soul for a better life.

How do you know Derrick Jaxn is a fraud?


I wouldn’t say he’s a “fraud” per se. What I am saying is that it is obvious that he doesn’t endorse what he is telling the masses. Do you think a man like him would wife up a fat black woman riddled with stretch marks who’s broke with 3 baby daddies? Of course not. But he tells black men that they should. And any man who doesn’t do what he tells other people to do is, in essence, a fraud.

That said, just because he’s a fraud doesn’t mean we should hate on him. He’s not hurting us. He’s hurting black women. They should be the ones to have the problem with him, not us. Yes, he talks about “these bum ass niggas who ain’t got a job, got 3 baby mamas, lives with his mama, and never takes a queen on a date at a restaurant that doesn’t have a drive through” but if you as a man know that he’s not describing you, why would you care?

His overly theatrical renditions of the stereotypical black man ruffles the feathers of those he is accurately describing. This isn’t to say that black men doing response videos to him fall into this category, but like the old saying goes “A hit dog always barks.” If you outwardly hate Derrick Jaxn because of the shit he talks about black men, maybe it’s time to look in the mirror and think about whether or not at least some of what he says isn’t true about you.

At the end of the day…

“I got these bitches fooled”

Derrick Jaxn is profiting off of a target rich environment. There are scores of black women who are lonely, bitter, angry, and looking for someone to cape up for them because God knows those men are dwindling by the day. Black men are still checkin’ for sisters but that number shrinks exponentially by the hour.

Enter Derrick Jaxn.

A good looking brother who tells black women that they are queens who are worthy of everything they deserve and more just because they’re black women. Derrick Jaxn is in the right place at the right time and he’s taking full advantage of a misguided, gullible, customer base that is too stupid to realize he’s just telling them what they want to hear in order to extract money out of them.

Black men who hate on Derrick Jaxn need to check themselves. If you don’t fall in to the “bum ass nigga” category he roasts on, then don’t trip. It’s a waste of time and energy.

I’m not saying I would ever have a beer with Derrick Jaxn but at the same time, I’m not gonna hate on someone who has absolutely, positively no impact on my life whatsoever. Shit….if I hadn’t found the red pill, Donovan Sharpe might have been Derrick Jaxn before Derrick Jaxn. Brothers who hate on him are just mad they didn’t think of his hustle first.

Don’t hate the player, gentlemen. Hate the game. Derrick Jaxn’s winning. And I don’t give a shit one way or the other. Neither should you.

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