Why Black men need to step up and stop whining about women


You see them everywhere, even on this platform whining about how women aren’t fussing with them…how they getting curved and played at the same time.

How society has set such high standards for women that it’s next to impossible for black and African men to get women anymore.

I mean, chill with a bunch of average guys in the bar or wherever and they will get gassed up when a conversation about women comes up. Even here in Africa, the vibe is still the same. It’s about how lasses only care about money and how they aren’t shit…and most importantly how they need to tone down and lower their standards.

Well, standards have been set and it’s far too far gone to lower them now. The elephant in the room is what are you going to do about it?

Now if you must reckon, the remedy to get women all over the world has always been the same and it has been like that for thousands of years.

Either you are extremely good looking; tall, well-built and with a fresh good beard. If not that, then you must be extremely successful, powerful, influential or very rich; Way fun and a little funny too just to make sure she’s marinated well enough before you slide in.

These are the rules and we all know them.  The only problem is that none of us want to subscribe to them.

We just want to sit at home, downing bottles of beer and eating chicken wings and expect pussy to come trickling down from the chimney.

I’m pretty sure by now you know the dynamics of the world don’t work like that. You have to put in work to get something but we’d rather just lazy around and complain about how African and black women are so full of it; how they done changed!

Again I pose the question, what are you doing about it apart from hating and whining from behind your computer screen?

Because women are really doing a lot of shit to make sure they look good and set the standards right. They are eating healthier, hitting the gym, undergoing surgery and shit just to make sure they meet men’s expectations.

Now they look fly n shit all up in our instagram handles and we’re here dying of thirst. They are doing this shit for you but only those of you who have stepped up.

The men who bring something to the table and the wow factor which will make those panties finally come off.

The men who can take them out for dinner in a fancy restaurant and pop bottles of Moet in the club soon after that; the good looking guys with good jobs and good looks…men who take care of themselves and their health; Men who smell good and dress even better because trust me I’ve never heard any of them complaining that women out here are changing.

They are getting laid every single day by multiple women who are constantly buzzing up his phone every single time asking when they’ll be hooking up.

So back to you my brotha…are you going to sit there and continue whining about women having double standards because that ain’t gonna change or are you going to do something about it?

Are you going to get your ass up and look for a job…or start saving up some money? Are you going to take care of yourself and hit the gym?

Are you going to start thinking and come up with some crazy innovation like these silicon boys and start playing the big leagues?

Well, the choice is entirely yours.

The whining though, that has to stop!



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