Black Men Need to Think Ten Years Ahead

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An important skill all Black men need to develop is the ability to think ten years ahead.   This isn’t the same as a job candidate being asked where they expect to be ten years in the future.   The key is a man looking at his present actions and projecting the consequences ten years into the future.   A man needs to do this in terms of the women he deals with, how he lives his life in general.

To be clear this may be tough for many men.   Many are just trying to survive day to day.   They may not can think about the future but what they are doing in the present.   That’s the key.

Even though all Black men should be focused on his purpose before anything else as I said many men have no real idea about that purpose.   They do know if they find a particular woman hot and sexy.   Every man needs to think about the consequences of dealing with a woman.   There are many Black men in family court, Paternity Court, Maury, or worse sitting in a jail because they didn’t see past a woman’s phat ass.

The reality is that the 20 minutes of relative pleasure a man experiences with a woman can lead to at least eighteen years of pain with the woman.   That’s just if the woman gets pregnant.   There are also diseases.   Also a man can marry the wrong woman and she will do everything she can to deny him happiness.

Stop and think about that last one.

Choosing a woman is one of the most important decisions a man can make.   There are many mistakes a man can make and he will still bounce back.  It’s hard to bounce back from the wrong woman.  It’s not impossible but it’s not easy either.   Whenever a man engages a woman he needs to ask himself if this is the woman he wants to deal with ten years into the future, even on a friendly basis.   If the answer is no he needs to let her be someone else’s problem.

Next to women the man needs to think about how he’s living his life at the moment.   The future of many men gets messed up because of making critical mistakes at key moments.  Another way is just being around the wrong people.   Any Black man needs to think about how his actions will affect his future prospects.   I’ll share a tidbit about myself.

There was time when I could have got involved in male exotic dancing.   I was offered the chance to dance at some all-female gathering.    The money hungry part of me wanted to take the money as I was informed that I didn’t need the ability to actually dance.   A woman licking her lips told I just need to do push-ups before showing up.  I declined.  The rational part of me thinking ten years ahead had political aspirations.   I didn’t want to be running for office and then get exposed as someone getting felt up by women on ladies’ night at a seedy club.

Every action I took when I was young was with an eye to the future.   I actually thought about getting a tattoo before that became popular but I was like, “Naw, President Wills can’t have a tattoo.”

Yes I was that ambitious.   I still have time to make that happen.

Black men have to live their lives with purpose.   That purpose has to be projected ten years into the future.   Every single move made right this minute will shape the future.   More than anything else Black men have to think ahead.


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