Why Black People Need To Stop Expecting White People To Care About Our Problems

Our Problems

We’re all familiar with the high profile police brutality incidents over the past decade or so. The Michael Brown shooting back in the summer of ’14 that turned Ferguson, Missouri into a riot zone, the Freddie Gray death at the hands of the Baltimore Police Dept. not much more than a year later, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, and so forth.

I’m not going to get into a debate or write another article dissecting each of these events or talk about the debacle that’s become Black Lives Matter. All of that’s been done to death. The bottom line is that white cops killing unarmed black men is wrong and that’s all there is to it. Say whatever you want, throw statistics at me, none of that matters because it is what it is. You don’t hear about black cops shooting white men because it doesn’t happen as often.

The unrest in Ferguson, MO

I’m not a psychiatrist or a scholar but my uneducated guess on why this has become an epidemic is genetics. That is, the average black man is genetically superior to the average white guy. If a white cop pulls over a black male or responds to an altercation involving a black male, the average white cop is smaller and weaker than the average black guy walking the streets.

There would be no shootings if the average white cop looked like this…
…and the average black man looked like this.

If shit gets real, the equalizer is the gun…plain and simple. White cops know they’re probably not going to physically dominate black men in the field. Say what you want, call me wrong, but if the average white cop looked like Brock Lesnar and the average black male looked like Steve Urkel, black men wouldn’t be getting shot at the rate we’ve been getting shot and that’s all there is to it.

All of that said…

…we as black people need to stop reaching out to, relying on, and expecting white people to care about our plight as African Americans in this country.

Yes, we get treated unfairly by police. Yes, we get shot and killed whether we’re armed or not. Yes, we get railroaded in court knowing full well persons of other race(s) would probably not suffer the same fate as we do in the justice system. Yes, the system is fucked up for us and yes it sucks. But at this point, it’s time for us to start relying on ourselves.


Because white people don’t really give a shit about the fact that we get treated unfairly… 

White people talk about our problems, they post memes, they protest, they sign petitions, they go on the news, and do everything else in the public eye to show the world that they’re trying to help us make a difference.

They don’t really care about this…and that’s okay

But when they’re at home or with their friends when the dust settles on their seemingly obligatory social justice quota for the day, they stop caring…

…and that’s okay!

The hard truth is that it’s nobody’s place to care about the difficulties of others. As cold and heartless as that sounds, it’s 100% true. White people reading this might think “OMG, you’re soooo wrong! I totally care about black people’s problems!” but we both know that’s simply not true. Say whatever you want, that’s how it is.

Quick example: When we see poor children in Africa on TV they feel bad for them at the time. You see the deplorable living conditions, their distended belly’s from starvation, their lightened hair from lack of nutrition, the flies buzzing around their eyes, and on and on. At that time we care deeply. So much so that a lot of us pick up the phone and pledge $5 or $10 a month to help them out. But when we hang up the phone we stop caring and go about our lives like in every other situation that tugs at our heart strings.

We shed our tears, pledge a few bucks, then life goes on

Human beings are inherently selfish. It’s in our nature. Outside of our close friends and relatives we don’t really care about the problems or predicaments of others. Sure, there are some people who are more selfless than most and are genuinely concerned about pain and suffering of others enough to actually do something of significance about it. But by and large, we’re all selfish creatures…race, color, or creed be damned.

It’s time for us to realize and understand that white people don’t really care about what we go through on a daily basis and that it’s okay for them not to care. As black men we couldn’t give less of a shit about the problems back women have these days so to get up in arms if we don’t feel white people are doing enough to change our situation is disingenuous.

So what can we do about it?

Now we ask what can we do to stop or change this? What can we do to stop getting shot by cops, done dirty by the justice system, and the like?

I don’t have an answer. Most of us aren’t community leaders or activists. Hell, we wouldn’t know where to start even if we did have all the answers or the magic elixir to make these issues vanish in thin air.

Personally, what I do know is that if I can control my controllables, I’ll reduce my odds of a potentially deadly altercation with law enforcement.  Before I turn the key and start my car, I make sure both tail lights and turn signals are working. I make sure my registration, inspection, and insurance are all up to date, I make sure my seat belt is fastened, and I wear clothing that isn’t likely to draw negative attention from police.

Buckle up for safety…from other motorists and law enforcement

No, we shouldn’t have to do this but this is our reality. We as black men know that as soon as we pull out of our collective driveways white cops are looking for any reason at all to pull us over. Cops don’t really care that you’re tail light isn’t working or that you’re not wearing your seat belt. They’re not pulling us over because they’re so concerned with our personal safety and well being. They pull us over because we’re black and they’ve got an axe to grind with us for some reason or another.

Call that short sighted, call that incendiary, call it race bating, call it whatever you want. If you’re a black man you know and understand this is how it is. We’re not making this shit up for conversation fodder or content for this website. We know from personal experience that white cops are looking for any reason at all to attempt to rail road us in some way shape or form.

In order to avoid these things from happening we have to take certain measures as stated above.

The Red Pill Perspective

About a year ago I wrote about how the life and times of O.J. Simpson confirmed many of the red pill truths we teach in the manosphere and negro manosphere and I summed things up at the end of the post:

Simpson should have been convicted. But he wasn’t. Women should be attracted to good, honest, men, who don’t abuse them, and take good care of them while giving them respect and providing them with a good life.

But they don’t.

Men here know that sexual relations between men and women in 2017 are fucked up. We know men are as soft and spineless as we’ve ever been and women are as slutty and otherwise insufferable as they’ve ever been in history.

In order to keep women from taking their pound of flesh fro us we learn game, how to navigate the sexual marketplace as it is, and make adjustments on the fly. It sucks that we have to do this but we’re simply playing the hand we’re dealt.

We learn game to protect ourselves

It’s the same with the racial tension between black men and the law enforcement community from the cops, to the D.A.s to the judges.

Police officers shouldn’t be shooting us. Black men should get a fair shake in the court system. We shouldn’t have to worry about getting pulled over for little to no reason only to be harassed by cops who do their level best to escalate the situation to give themselves a reason to assault, taze, or shoot us.

But that’s not the case.

Similar to the way we’ve adapted to today’s women, we need to play the hand we’re dealt and understand that it’s on us to reduce the odds of these things happening to us.

Yes, change is possible and it’s definitely needed. But at this point I have very little reason to believe that significant change is going to happen in my lifetime. So in the meantime I make sure all i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed and I would strongly advise black men to do the same.

That strategy is a hell of a lot more effective than bitching and complaining about it then expecting white people to come to our aid.


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