Black Single Mothers Teach Black Boys A Black Female Work Ethic

   Black single mothers oftentimes say that they can raise a boy to be a man. However, there are some life lessons that only a man can teach a Black boy about being a man. One of the only life skills that a  Black man can teach a Black boy is  how to navigate and survive in the world of work. The reason being is that  the life skills a Black man needs to survive in the world of work is completely different than what a Black woman will face.



   Black Boys who grow up in single mother households often grow up learning a female work ethic from day one. This certainly  can and WILL be detrimental to African American  boys when they enter the United States workforce. Because of the “lack” of work ethic taught to them by their single mothers,  these Black boys usually aren’t taught to take work seriously.



What most single mother raised Black boys  don’t understand is that a job for a Black woman is something she does to supplement the numerous streams of income she gets from men. Black women typically have other incomes coming from other “male simps” that improve her lifestyle. In other words, her main job is NOT what she uses to survive with respect to black men. To add fuel to the fire, Black women also have the luxury of depending on government assistance in the form of food stamps, child support, IN ADDITION to the Simps that fund her lifestyle. 


However, a Black man only has himself to meet his economic needs. Black men work to survive. If a  Black man does not work, a Black man does not eat. However, if a Black woman doesn’t work there will be a man or a series of men to take care of her.  Because most Black boys who grow up in single mother households see their mothers being taken care of by men,  they don’t see work as a priority. This is why they get jobs and quit them after a few months or wind up getting fired due to engaging in drama with hoodrats, disagreements with white racists,  and having beefs with other dysfunctional Black men.



 Because  their single mothers coddle and spoil their sons, these Black boys often  wind up becoming the kind of Black males who wind up stuck on their mother’s sofas or living with their girlfriends instead of having their own place in the world.



A Black female work ethic will NOT work for a Black man. In the workplace,  a Black man is judged by a completely different standard by White Supremacists, nonblack racists, and sellout Negroes. Because many of these Simps and Manginas are looking to get in a Black woman’s panties, they’ll give her a pass for coming in late every day or not completing a task up to standard. However, a Black man can be fired for just looking the wrong way at someone on the job.



Black boys from single mother households often  have a hard time on getting and keeping jobs because their fathers aren’t there to teach them how to navigate the workplace and survive in it from day one. Only a Black man can teach his son about the hazards of the workplace because he’s experienced those pitfalls himself.  Because he’s run into these obstacles he can teach his son how to navigate a course to keep a job when he enters the world of work.



Unfortunately, most Black women think they can teach a boy to be a man. Due to this arrogant belief, they wind up tripping up their sons at the starting line of life. After their sons quit a job or get fired, their lives wind up stalling. This leads many African American Black boys   depending on their mothers or their girlfriends to take care of them instead of being out on their own like their fathers.



What most Black boys from single mother households don’t understand is that there are numerous support systems to take care of Black women when they fall on hard times. If a Black woman quits a job or loses it, she can get government assistance from welfare, Food Stamps, and Section 8, to help her get back on her feet. She  can also get help from nonprofits like churches to provide her with food, clothing and even pay her bills. In addition to those organizations and government programs, there are a series of Simps who will give her money and even provide her with a place to stay for free in exchange for some pussy.  



However, when a Black man loses a job, he doesn’t have that support network to help him back on his feet. If his mother or his girlfriend isn’t there to give him a few crumbs from their tables, he falls straight to the ground. What most black boys from single mother households don’t understand is that it’s harder for a Black man to get back up from losing a job than a woman. So it’s paramount for a Black man to learn how to survive in the world of work from his father at an early age and how take care of his own needs from day one.



The reason why so many Black men are having such a hard time getting and keeping jobs these days is due to the dysfunctional way many Black boys are being raised in single mother households. Because these boys are being socialized to behave like females, they don’t understand how they’re being raised is causing them to fall apart on the job. Men and women go to work for different reasons and the approaches to work a Black woman uses in the workplace will NOT work for a Black man. Only a Black men can teach another Black man how to survive in the workplace. When  Black women keep their sons’ father out of their lives, they prevent them from learning the life skills that will help him survive in the world of work when he becomes a man.


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