Black Women, Incest And Pedophilia


Please allow the above tweet as well as the picture to sink in and marinate for a while. This doesn’t come as a surprise to me however, remember how I mentioned in my book Negro Wars as well as in many articles on my website Slaying Evil that black women hate black children and how they only use them to obtain government welfare. There is a lot of incest going on in the black community that very few folks wish to talk about and modern-day black women are the primary culprits behind introducing such a reprehensible practice to their children.

Of course this isn’t the first time that we have come across black mothers “fiddling” with their children, remember these two:

Many folks are claiming that these two women are not actually mother and daughter and that their claims of being in an incestuous relationship are false, however I’ve seen a number of videos where the expression on the daughter’s face doesn’t look like an act at all. We already know that most black women are mentally insane individuals, with these crackpots being in charge of black society why would folks assume that things haven’t sunk so low?

I believe many decent black folks don’t actually realise just how bad things have gotten within black society because they make the mistake of judging people via their own standards. Just because you wouldn’t do something, it doesn’t mean that the next man/woman maintains the same level of integrity as you. The mother and daughter duo who call themselves RahRaw Goddesses have a website, at least 2 YouTube channels and a Twitter profile:

Black folks better start believing that there are decadent black female slobs such as these two in existence residing within the shadows of the crumbling remains of black communities, these two have just decided to come out of the woodwork and put their incestuous debauchery on front street for a fee. In black society we can already see a growing trend of single mothers beginning to treat their sons as surrogate boyfriends/husbands.

I cannot recall how many pictures I have come across on Facebook with black women posing with their sons with the title “my man”. Many black women in their colossal failures at relationships have now decided that their sons will suffice as substitute partners. Here is a picture that was snapped of a mother “connecting” with her son:

Of course 9 times out of ten the son doesn’t know what is actually happening, he simply believes that his mother is being affectionate, however the mother always has an ulterior motive in mind. With the modern-day black women openly embracing feminism and homosexuality coupled with an increase in black women turning towards the lesbian lifestyle, why would some of you still believe that incestuous behaviour wouldn’t also be included on the docket?

Most black women are natural predators, any opportunity to use, manipulate and control a man will be seized, their own sons are also counted as prey for the taking. Remember, black women view children as tools to be used for their own benefit, thus whatever purpose the child can serve in her life, he/she/they most certainly will be utilised for the mother’s own selfish, greedy and filthy gains. Remember this individual:

For those who don’t remember this is Natisha Hillard, she was arrested at the beginning of 2014 and plead guilty to selling her daughters to a paedophile for sex named Christopher Bour, more details of the story can be seen in the link below:

Remember, these are the same black women who are forever going off on white women accusing them of incest, bestiality and all manner of low brow reprobate activities, however it seems that when we begin to pull the layers back and examine the modern-day black female more closely, we soon find out that she is engaging in the same filthy behaviours she accuses others of partaking in, in many cases she is steeped in far deeper than her white female counterparts.

You may also remember the story of another black mother and daughter duo by the names of Vertasha and Mary Carter who came out of the woodwork in 2014 and confessed to their incestuous relationship, they also have a Twitter which can be viewed by clicking the link below:

Here are some snapshots of their Twitter timeline:

A black woman who is not only involved in an incestuous relationship with her daughter but a lesbian one at that, yet she seems to believe that what she is doing is not counted as homosexuality according to the bible, this is confirmed in the following tweet:

This is yet another department of the broken, defunct and mentally damaged psyche of the modern-day black female on display, a mother who believes that homosexuality is a sin according to biblical principles, yet conveniently the homosexual and incestuous relationship she is involved in with her daughter is somehow exempt because according to her own words the relationship is LOVE? Make that make sense.

The modern-day black female is a mentally insane, morally bankrupt individual and she wishes to pass on this lack of moral standards to those around her. Hanging around such individuals is not a healthy option. This is yet another reason why I encourage black men to seek love and companionship elsewhere, in order to have a strong community and society a moral compass must be in place and be enforced.

Remember the old African proverb which states that a nation can rise no higher than the moral position of its women, as she goes so goes the race because she is the first transmitter of culture. In light of this saying putting two and two together isn’t it obvious as to why black society as a whole has remained incredibly stagnant for the past 50 years?

Let us not forget the case of Amber Williams from Fort Lauderdale in Florida who was arrested on charges of molesting children, that case can be read about in the link below:

The reasons why there has been such an increase in homosexual and deviant activity within black society is because black women sexually prime children from a very young age via molestation and in many cases rape, thus the children become easy targets. Because of the deliberate neglect of most black mothers, black children are the most vulnerable making them the preferred choice and the most accessible amongst paedophiles.

The bottom line is most black women are sexual depraved deviants, they enjoy perversion and they love passing down such decadent behaviour to their children. Black women are the worst carers of children on the planet under any capacity bar none, they are emotionally detached from their children permanently. Here is yet another example of black women passing down deviant behaviour to their offspring. Remember the black mother who was filmed teaching her son how to perform oral sex live:

By the way, with Valentine’s day soon here, be on the lookout for many young black boys being pressured into declaring their mothers as their valentines for the day. The black woman’s lack of morality knows no bounds and will continue to sink lower into the gutter, and despite this many of you black men are still chasing after these types of women. The bottom line is when black women come around you better keep your eyes open and lock your children down.

Wake up black men, you can do better for yourselves. Be sure to check out my book Negro Wars where I deal with the modern-day black woman and her dysfunctional behaviour in more depth.

Babatunde Umanah

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