Black Women Now Impersonating Racist Whites Online – Techniques And Strategies Of The Black Witch

New Lows And Getting Worse

Exhibit A:

The above garbage is typically what black women will put out in order to make it seem as if there is a high demand for them from non black men, however black men should be aware that this is one of many Kansas City shuffles black women will execute in their efforts to keep you on the proverbial liberal plantation.

Modern day black females specialise in smoke and mirror illusions and prolific techniques of trickery and deception. How do you know when your average black woman is attempting to deceive or is not telling you the truth, when you see her lips moving. Black men need to understand, because most black women view Negro males as assets and commodities ie slaves, as far as black women are concerned in their minds black men are to be USED as they see fit and you as a black male have no rights to object.

It’s an extremely sad state of affairs when one cannot even trust their female counterpart, however as I have stated before aswell as in Negro Wars, black women are fully locked in with their government agenda to keep black society discombobulated and broken, ensuring that the true leaders ie black men never take up their rightful positions is of the utmost importance. This is one of many reasons why black women engage in so much deception when dealing with black men.

The above image is a classic example of a black woman trying to imitate a white woman, we walk the streets wherever we reside in the world and we all see the same thing, black women weaved up to the hilt in their attempts to look like white women ie trying to cast off their blackness. At the same time it is not a stretch to believe that some black women would enter social media with fake profiles pretending to be white women or racist white men.

Black women currently are in dire straits, they see that more black men are waking up to their garbage, they are also witnessing many black men opting for non black women at an astronomical rate and this is only increasing. Black women are already the last option for dating and marriage amongst non black men, therefore in their desperation to lock down the only individuals who will date and marry them en mass, black women are now resorting to pretending to be white women and racist white men online in their efforts to discourage black men from crossing the fence, however its too late.

You’ll notice that whenever you see a tweet, Facebook post or comment from a person claiming to be white attacking black men, more often than not the language doesn’t fit the typical racist white banter, many times the profile concerned will either have only 1 or may 2 pictures of the supposed individual or not contain any pictures at all.

I’ve been witnessing this frequently on Facebook, where black women will set up fake profiles and attempt to infiltrate groups that are meant to be for black men only. Black women feel that they have the right to police, govern and referee the dating and marriage options of black men, this goes back to what I stated before about black women viewing the Negro male as a slave.

Being a member of a Facebook group called Say No To Single Mothers Black Men Edition, the administrators regularly post up profiles of black women who are trying to enter, some of the profiles are of black women themselves, however there are occasions where black women will use fraudulent profiles with pictures of attractive non black women believing that the admin will think with their penises instead of using their heads, however it never works.

Remember black men, black women as a collective are extremely thirsty for attention, beware of racially charged posts, tweets or comments against black men coming from questionable profiles and sources, chances are you could be dealing with a black female in disguise. Remember black women being the dysfunctional rodents that they are many a time will aim to stir up strife and contention amongst others simply in order to obtain their recommended daily allowance of negativity.

Beware of the modern-day black witch, she is constantly lurking in the shadows, continuously scheming and plotting against black men, many of you Negroes have already fallen victim to this woman, some of you more than once because of your point-blank refusal to read and accept the writing on the wall. Many of you somehow believe that you will be the exception to the rule and eventually find yourself “the one”, however we can already see how that search is currently going for the majority of single black men, terribly.

The reason why most black women refuse to change for the better is because they expect black men to accept them in their defective beyond repair state, already viewing you as a slave they see themselves literally as higher entities who are completely above reproach. In their minds how can a lowly serf of a black man demand change from somebody who is superior to him?

Black women are on the ropes bleeding heavily, for them it is not a matter of winning black men over because they love us and have our best interests at heart, instead black women as a collective would much prefer to keep black men enslaved in order to remain relevant to their true love, lord, saviour and master the white man.

Be on the lookout for scheming and manipulative black women both online and in the flesh, black women in these last times are resorting to some extremely desperate measures in their attempts to lead black men into the lowest depths of hell. The worst thing about this is the bottom hasn’t even dropped out yet, black women will stoop even lower. Don’t become a victim, don’t be that guy.

Babatunde Umanah

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