Do Black Women Really Trust and Respect Black MEN? (Rob Parks Author)

Trust and Respect

Note: This article was written by Rob Parks. Due to technical difficulty through wordpress, I posted it for him on my username.   



      Do black women really and truly respect black men? This is a serious question that we

have to give some careful thought and consideration to. The cause of this question that is 

being posed precedes   hundreds of years. We have to look at many aspects of life and judge 

the black men vs .black female dynamic in order to really find the answer.

In America it is a well known fact that all non caucasian races  live under the notion of what is 

considered WHITE SUPREMACY. White Supremacy  makes it extremely difficult for a black

man to assert himself as a person to be respected in society and also his home. Many

black women do not see black men as a group of people that they can collectively respect. It is possible that we can look at 

 at slavery being the root  cause of this. Black men were routinely separated from their wife

and kids against their will by the white slaveowners. The slaveowners were then

allowed to have their way with our women. This is very psychologically damaging to the

mind of a black women. Naturally a man is looked to by the woman to be the head and

the protector. If this black man could not  protect the black woman from being raped,

what makes you think that the black woman could respect him? 


    This  lack of respect for black men carried over to Civil Rights times.  Even  in 2017, the lack of respect for Black men is still evident.  Many black women are  the head of single parent households. I will be honest and admit that many black men are not good examples as patriarchs for our community. Many black men have bad intentions with regards to treating and respecting black women. We also must address the faults and bad choices that many black women make with regards to the sorry black men they deal with. Overall, it is just a vicious cycle. At the end of the day, I can attest that Black women have no respect for the majority of Black Men. 


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