Why Black women are seemingly getting attracted to white men; the Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian case study

Black women

The year was 2012 and the popular lifestyle website madamenoire published a viral article as to why black women don’t date white men.

And they had a myriad of reasons why this was the case. First of all they alluded that black women were too thick for white men’s liking as the smaller the butt the more attractive it was for the latter. They also alleged that white men are well educated, empowered financially and thus are looking for their equals to build empires with and black women just don’t make the cut.

The other pointer I can remember was that black women are not interested in white men too because well they were not good looking, thuggish and confident and this of course led to them to having a very low sex appeal.

5 years later, this narrative has been thrown off the rails and it’s all courtesy of Serena Williams and her tech fiancée Alexis Ohanian.  The two started going out in 2015 and they have definitely abolished the status quo and I doubt with any intention to tone down a notch.  They recently just got engaged and are expecting a baby; talk of moving fast.

And hey, Serena Williams is as black as they come. She’s an accomplished athlete, a celebrity of her own right with a bum from here to New Orleans(I’m writing from Kenya by the way) and thus you would expect she would roll with one of her own to keep most butt cheeks unclenched.

But no, she has done the complete opposite something which has led to most black folk talking. Most of them probably would have wished she end up with an equally successful black man- a rapper or an actor but I guess it is what it is.

Plus she tried that with the likes of Common and Drake and things didn’t quite work out which brings us to our question of the day.

Why Ohanian? And what does this mean for fellow black women? And we’re bound to experience a paradigm shift?  I think so and this are my reasons.

First thing first, I’m inclined to think black women are now more empowered and definitely want more for themselves.  They are looking for mind blowing experiences and they are looking to be loved and adored something most black men definitely don’t know how to give because they are busy obsessing over thy own self. They are too busy being douches and thus there is no way they can get to love women. Even here in Africa, a man is from the word go is taught how to dupe women; to pretend to show them love until they get what they want. This is in terms of submission both emotional and physical and when that is done, they can withdraw the love, sit and watch women get tormented. And that is why it’s a common norm for African men and black men to have many chicks because you are taught to believe it is manlier.

It’s the exact opposite for white men who love and care genuinely without holding anything back. In their world, it’s perfectly okay to be pussy whipped as we call it here and black women love that shit; actually all women across the board.

Being cool doesn’t pay the bills and black women totally get this now. They want to whisked away to Rome just for the shits and giggles and receive foot rubs in the Maldives when they feel stressed. They also want better for their kids something most white men are able to guarantee. This is in terms of a good education and a present father, not one that gambles away tuition fees and spends most of his nights at the strip club.

Black women are also looking for someone with an investment portfolio, a solid plan growth plan and definitely who thinks long term and quite a number of black men just think about chicken wings and the next Netflix and chill.

Lastly, the fact that successful black men t can’t commit is pushing black women to the white boys. Someone like Serena Williams has had her fair share of black men and I bet she doesn’t exactly have a lot of good things to say.

I mean look at it, who would you consider in the black community to be successful and how many of them have thriving stable families? I bet very few men can make this cut.

Once a black man starts getting in paper, then that’s his leeway to get hunnies and nothing can stop him. I mean, even Jay Z who is one of the greats was exposed as a cheat by his own wife who to most is the perfect woman.  Who can also forget the Tiger Woods incident?

Look at rich successful white men on the other hand. They are fully committed to one woman whom they started from the bottom with. Case example of Facebook’s founder Mark Zucherberg who is among the richest people in the world and who is married to one woman; has been in the last couple of years and the two met while he was still in Harvard. The money and fame hasn’t destabilized him in anyway.

I totally understand why this is the case. Probably when most black men are growing up, girls just don’t THROW  themselves at them. They are probably broke and not exactly good looking so when they finally make it big, then that becomes part and parcel of their success journey; a premise of achievement.

All I’m trying to say is, Serena Williams has taken the first step and I expect many black women to follow.



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