Are black women victims of street harassment?

The short answer is FUCK NO.

Now before you black bitches start squawkin’ let’s all keep it 100 here. We all know we’re not talking about the street harassment that involves illegal activities such as stalking, burglary, physical intimidation, and the like. The “street harassment” we’re talking about, and that you know we’re talking about, are men striking up conversation in public with women they haven’t previously met in the past with the intent of sleeping with them at some point down the line.

This is isn’t what we’re talking about…and black women know it

It’s also been called cat calling, wolf whistling, mackin’ etc. which is performed by pickup artists or men who talk to women in an attempt to get their numbers set up dates, and subsequently fuck them. So miss me with that line by line legal definition of street harassment to prove a point. We all know what it is.

Now that that’s out of the way, I’ll say again the answer is an emphatic no. No, black women aren’t victims of “street harassment.” Dudes aren’t out here hollerin’ at black chicks on the street…at least not the dudes black women WANT to fuck anyway. Sure, you’ll get an average ass hood nigga walk up on you and start talkin’ to you but you ain’t gettin’ offers from other kinds of men unless you’re a top 1%er and an exquisite specimen of the kind of black woman every man wants to sleep with.

This used to happen all the time back in the day

So why do black women not get “harassed” on the street anymore? Why do men not try to run game on them in public like they used to? And why are black women lying about these imaginary hoards of men of all races coming at them with marriage proposals from every direction?

Glad you asked…

Dudes don’t want black chicks anymore

I’ve said before that black women are at the very bottom of the sexual food chain. This hard truth pisses ’em off, especially when someone points it out but I can’t say I blame ’em for being pissed off about it. In terms of what most men prefer, they’re just not most men’s type. They are well aware of the fact that, aesthetically speaking, men of value regardless of race would holler at white girls, Latinas, Asians, and even Indian girls (“dots” and “feathers”) before considering a roll in the hay with a sister.

But I don’t give a shit and neither should you. It’s their problem and theirs alone and if they want to change their sexual prospects, it’s on them. Period.

That said, there’s no need for a man of value to subject himself to the perils of talking to black women and the increase prevalence of street harassment laws in terms of game and pick up because the return on investment just isn’t worth it. Who the fuck is going to risk anything to try and pickup a woman who wakes up angry?

The black woman stereotype exists for a good reason and most men in the free world have seen confirmations of said stereotype up close and personal on multiple occasions. As a result, men aren’t lining up around the block to wait on these precious, beautiful, innocent black women who’ll make all their dreams come true because at the end of the day, American black women ain’t shit. They’re a dime a dozen and that’s all there is to it.

Why do black women lie about getting “harassed” on the street?

As most men know, women lie about everything. Especially about things that have to do with avoiding personal responsibility, who they are as people, and their parenting “skills.”

But what females lie about the most are their sexual options on the dating market. For example, fat girls tell their friends shit like “OMG I totally got hit on by this hottie at the club!” knowing full well that dude wouldn’t fuck her with someone else’s dick.

Black women take this one step further and lie about the fact that white men are lining up around the block to date them to cope with the fact that in the sexual market place, they’re almost nobody’s type. I talked about this at length in a recent episode:

In the same vein, women of all races lie about their alleged attractiveness and one of the most popular ways is by making false sexual harassment, rape, and sexual assault accusations. One of the reasons women falsely accuse men of sexual crimes etc. is because it’s an indirect way of establishing sexual attractiveness. When a woman says “he raped me” it’s automatically assumed the perpetrator was sexually aroused by the “victim.” So much so he was willing to break the law to have her.

And don’t kid yourself, gentlemen….a woman with no romantic prospects would rather make a false rape accusation than be invisible to men on the dating scene. This happens every day.

Bitch please…I beg to differ

This is the same mindset black women have when telling the world they’re “victims” of street harassment on the regular. They would have us believe that men want them so badly they’re committing the “crime” of cat calling them in public because black girls are just so goddam hot. Of course they act like they don’t want this attention which further drives home the myth that they’re so inundated with offers they have the luxury of rejecting these men but they know as well as anybody that if men actually did come on to them in public, they’d be putting their numbers in their phones before they can introduce themselves.

Don’t believe this bullshit

The only thing black women are victims of (besides themselves) are being enchanted by their delusions of grandeur. They can only wish they had the same “problems” as attractive women did. But because they don’t they try to convince us and themselves that they’re in such high demand that men can’t help themselves around them. Save that shit for someone else. We ain’t buyin’ it here in the negro manosphere.

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