Black Community


November 21, 2017 Tony Maceo 0

Trouble can often be traced to a single strong individual – the stirrer, the arrogant underling, the poisoned of goodwill. If you allow such people room to operate, others will succumb to their influence. Do […]


Kershaw Shuffle Knife Review

November 17, 2017 alexa vuckovic 0

For such giants of the knife industry, for the greats like the Kershaw Company, introductions are seldom needed. But for those of you who are uninitiated and, well, exceptions have to be made, let’s say […]

Black Community

The Potential of the Black Church

November 16, 2017 Rom Wills 0

A big criticism that some Black women have of Black men is that we have not built anything.   This statement is usually made on social media as an excuse as to why many Black women […]

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